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  1. It seems like a good setup. In terms of Israeli football standards this squad is not the best right now but not far from it at all, and in a season or two the gap in quality between us and the league will be significant, even more so as I'll progress. The money you get from qualifying to a European group stage makes recruitment much easier as the league is very weak financially. So it's maybe a bit too conservative for (most of) the domestic games so I won't change much, but when I'll play in Europe next season I'll definitely take some of your points, also depending on the squad I'll possess.
  2. I think I'll try Jackson feeding Bertolini, Thanks Most of them don't have any traits (though I think Di Stantatonio has a 'Gets into opposition area' PPM, Jackson has 'Play with back to goal'). As for preferred feet, most of them are right or right only, apart from Montano and Bertolini which are left. Hozez (on the bench) is a left but has a strong right foot. Anyhow, I'm curious to know what your idea is. Might get through January to more or less clinch the league then I think I'll be able to start implementing something new.
  3. OK, will try that. And I'll really appreciate an analysis, thanks! I hear you. Say I play Bertolini as a F9, which role should I give Jackson then? AF would be the best? Thanks!
  4. First of all, want to thank your for your replies, some good insights there. He has 13 for off the ball but only 10 for dribbling so I guess I'll stick with the DLP? He doesn't have to be playmaker, I thought of Mezzala on support but does that work in a 442? He was a very good at this role when I played 3 in the middle. I grew up on United and always loved the direct style of play, don't really care for possession tbh, so that was one of my reasons to go with 442. And also Mike Bassett! This is a good point. As I said I prefer a more direct style of play, also I believ
  5. So, I'm currently in my third season with Hapoel Ramat-Gan, started in the Israeli 2nd tier. Have to say I'm a very experienced player (playing since cm01/02), but I was never a tactical genius, I'm better at building and managing my squad, keeping everyone happy and that's how I get good results. Anyway, I got promoted first season, played a 4-1-2-3 wide and wasn't too happy with it, after 7-8 league games in the second season I switched to a 4-4-2 , went on a Leicester-esque run (8 points dropped between November and April) and won the league. Now i'm almost half-way through my thi
  6. Looks awesome! Is there any way to view player ratings and body language in the same panel?
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