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  1. Kimz, is the any chance of you making a tactic without the corner exploit? I'm a big fan of your tactic, as I win basically every game. But I think my defenders score too many goals, it would be interesting to see if you could design a tactic where it wasn't goals galore from player who have good heading skills. It would also pose a new challenge to the game, which is why most of us play it
  2. Are we going to be seeing more lower leagues in the game in 09? Like the Unibond leages, etc? Judging from Sigames' love of grassroots football, and alot of players love of taking small teams to the big time, I think it would be a pretty good idea.
  3. Ive seen alot about the "6 yard box trick", but I have no clue what it is, so.. what is it?
  4. So basically you can tell what defensive line they're playing from where they stand when your team has the ball at the halfway line?
  5. I read the page but I'm still not entirely sure how to see if the opposition is playing a deep defensive line
  6. My fans just hailed my tactical genius, unfortunately there was no option to thank Kimz
  7. I have a question: I'm doing a much needed overhaul of my team's set pieces. I'm going through my team's stats and checking Penalty Taking, Corners, Freekicks etc. What I wanted to know was if there was a particular set piece that Creativity can be useful, or integral to? Maybe setting them as target men?
  8. I've heard about that, what is it? These were corners into the box that one of them happened to latch onto.... three times in a row.
  9. Those two central midfielders, because they're going back to defensive midfield do you think it would be wise to use two defensive midfielders in those positions, instead of normal midfielders? That's how I've been using it on V1 and V2, but I'd like to know if my play would improve if i scrapped Hargreaves and Pique and went for a duo like Carrick and another MC.
  10. Kimz, just wanted to thankyou for recommending the Wolfsong team talk guide. I was 2-0 down away at half time to chelsea, came back to win 4-2. Well it would have been 4-2, had the bloody ref blown the whistle after the allocated 4 minutes, but instead he let it go for another 1 minute and Drogba got a consolation goal; 4-3. Has this happened to anyone else? The ref allows the game to play longer than the injury time? It's annoying to say the least.
  11. ah, that's good to know Another thought; I've noticed that under "Show onto foot" you have the option of "weaker foot", how does this fair in comparison to the OI you set out earlier, ie; with an AML you'd choose to show onto his right foot.
  12. One thing I've noticed (I'm not reading through 18 pages to see if someone's brought it up already), my defenders are scoring alot more, more than my attackers even... Also I'm not able to play my wingers (C. Ronaldo especially) as much as I'd liked. I suppose I could just use FMM to make them also fantastic AMCs but where's the fun in that? Is there a version of this tactic that allows me to use my wingers/attacking midfielders?
  13. I just beat arsenal 7 - 1 with this; winning is so much fun, especially when you're doing it in style.
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