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    Well im an Evertonian, generally the stereotypical 17 year old and go to college.

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    Wigan, Lancashire, UK.


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  1. Andyefc

    Appalling Match Engine

    LMA's was just more real, it wasn't as complex as footabll managers but it was better in terms of the game flow, teh gameplay, the realism. To suggest FM is miles ahead of anything isn't true, but it's your opinion and your entitled to it. @Marty1777 I'm by no means a hater, i love the game and it's very addictive, however the match engine has been ruining it for me and from when ti was first released it hasnt improved in any major way other than tiny improvements.
  2. Andyefc

    Appalling Match Engine

    No offence meant ofcourse. @People saying it's a riduclous post, grow up, its an internet forum, it's for opinions such as mine, and your own. Really didn't expect to come onlnie and see 55 replies, hopefully SI will look into this thread and take some feedback from it. Really positive thread! @The championship manager clip, that is unbelievable, but i've seen FM have it's crazy moments. If any of you remember LMA Manager, that had a better match engine.
  3. Andyefc

    Appalling Match Engine

    Yes, it's way behind the urrent times, you think they can't come up with anything better than that? Everytime a player kicks the ball it looks like they are toe poking it and the player has never kicked a ball before in their life (which you'll notice when you see someone kick a ball for the first time, they dont bend their leg!) If it was all about the gameplay then you wouldn't see players going mental sometimes and just a poor simulation of real play. The graphics would be furtehred, and as you've said FM's never really focused on the graphics, dosen't mean they shouldn't improve them though does it? The gameplay in the match engine is terrible, i feel as though the physics involved are extremely non-real, the way they hit the ball, the moments and so forth.
  4. When are you planning to improve the match engine that is horrifically old and behind the current times? I mean with all todays technology that's the best you can come up with? Unrealistic movement, unrealistic play, unrealistic graphics, unrealistic matches. It's becoming beyond a joke really. What you class a clear cut chance has to be a tap in, becuase in every game each team will have about 5 chances that you see once or twice in a real game. You know top strikers would score them for fun as well. There's a ridiculous amount of Striker v Goalkeeper one on ones in the game and more often than not they are missed. At first i thought this was becuase i was just playing game after game where as you get 1 or 2 games a week in real life, but if you sitback and take note of how many chances there are in each game it's riduclous. Sometimes you will see 1 clear chance for a team in real life. It's becoming ridiculous that almost every game you can have the better spell, more possesion, more shots, better passing, great defending and then all of a sudden they score with their first or second shot. this happens in real life how much? every now and then, not every other game. The amount of times i've taken a lead, and then gone on to miss abuot 3 open nets is amazing. Graphically, how is FM so poor in the graphics quality? I play on all the high settings, my pc is powerful enough (looking at it an iphone should be powerful enough). How are the graphics so far behind every other game on the market that's to do with football. Heck even 'Rugby League 2' for the ps3 had better graphics 10 years ago. The players look nothing like anything in real life, and i dont mean in terms of fifa's graphics, i mean in skin tones and so forth. I saw yakubu being a half caste and James Vaughan being as pale as can be. Simple things like the nets moving, or a nice looking variety of stadiums make things go that extra bit better. The graphics are terrible, i mean how can FIFA (fair enough they mainly focus on the match) have amazing graphics, about 300 times better than FM. Please don't bring up a common myth that it's PC, it can't handle better graphics.. ofcourse it can, and it doesn't the latest graphics card and so forth to run FIFA on the pc. I've been a massive FM fan for years and it's a shame that this has been so poorly done and neglected for years. The real question is when are you going to revamp or at least give MAJOR improvements teh match engine? it's ruining the game for me. The rest of the game is very complex and to a very good standard and it's the match engine (and the soudns to go with) that seem VERY lazily done and neglected. DO you plan to address anything to do with the match engine? Or just come out minor addition like "Players can see more around them" or something. - Flamers not wanted, real opinions (including opposing ones) are more than welcome.
  5. Throw In's! This isn't basketball. I'd imagine they are in the same place or there abouts for FM10, but my Demo wont even load so i can't be 100% sure.
  6. Andyefc

    i give up

    Perhaps it was a little harsh but the majority of posters any most active forums are douches though. I've always popped on here and never get any response to anything, so im going by personal expierence.
  7. bump... This isnt on the FAQ list..
  8. Andyefc

    i give up

    Yeah people on here aren't really interested in hoping, maybe the odd occasion you'll get someone from SI who will be helpful, but its a long shot
  9. Bump - would like to play the game..
  10. DOwnloaded it a couple of times too as i thought it would have been that.
  11. I've installed and re-installed the game a couple of times now, when i try to load it on steam it comes up with this; Error: Unable to find some essential data. Please ensure that the game is installed correctly. If the problem persists, please contact technical support. Any ideas?
  12. I would like to be part of the test team for Sports Interactive. I have been particiating in football manager games since the older games of CM99 and so on and have followed the Football Manager series from the start of 05. I spend time on these boards but i am not a regular poster, more of a viewer. I do interact on other boards though and have over 3000 posts on a different football manager fansite. I regulary play football manager in the evening or on my day off college (Where i am studying Media and TV production). With regards of what i may add to the team is that if you asked anyone i know im very moany at the bugs that pop up in the game, and i notice alot of detail. I am a man of opinion and like to share and discuss how the game can be improved and what we would like to see in future football manager games. I am an Everton fan (the greatest team on earth - as you may have guessed on my username) and regulary go watching matches at Goodison Park (I am a seasont ticket holder). It is my 11th season this season as a season ticket holder and ive been to many many grounds to watch them play. I have seen how football is played, whats realistic and what isn't as i have made mistakes in my own football career. I think this would help when it comes to the topic of the match engine, i know i have looked at parts of the 3D engine that i think can be improved. Come September 2009 i will heading off to University at UCLAN University. I am most likely going to be undergoing a course called Computer Games Devlopment and i believe that this would be very beneficial to me and my course, as well future job employment. I believe that in due time that this course will not only help me develop my skills and qualifications but will help you obtain more information about football manager. I think the 3D Match Engine has been a success however i still believe there is alot of room for improvement. For example there are either way too many chances on the game, or too many one on one's because you get the likes of Michael Owen missing four or five one on one chances a game, which we all know a fit Michael Owen has a better success rate than that! There are more things i can include in improving the game but i'd rather tell you that in the future when i hope to be a beta tester!