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    My hometown is Madrid. I moved to England at the age of five & I am an avid Atlético Madrid fan.


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    Football and golf mainly.

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    Atletico Madrid
  1. Database question

    Thank You
  2. Database question

    Hey, just wondering ; if I've got a save going with a database I have created, and I delete/overwrite that database will it have an effect on the game (which I've already started)? Im sure it did not do so on the older FMs, but am unsure on this version.
  3. Liverpool Thread 2012/13

    I think Borussia D., Atleti & Arsenal would all be in better position to buy him than Liverpool because of their Champions League status ; but why would he not join Liverpool over Tottenham Hotspurs? Neither are in the Champions League , but Liverpool are a much bigger club + alot higher potential + more money. I cant see Benteke joining for Tottenham over them because of Europa League Football ...
  4. Urgent Question, Answer Needed!

    I dont care how you see it thanks ramoniazzz
  5. I was just in the Editor and saw some players with favoured clubs where the level was only 25 or 40. If a player has a favoured club at 25/40 (below 50) does that mean it doesn't appear in-game on a player's profile as a favoured club? And if so, is there any need for it to be below 50? ?
  6. Champions of Europe 2012/13 Thread

    Youre trying to make it sound worse for AVB by saying he replaced Modric and vaart with Sigurdsson and Dempsey. Their actual replacements are far better than S'gson and D'sey IMO -; Dembele and Holtby. Lets face it-; avb has not doing a great job with Spurs. Gareth Bale is the reason it looks better.
  7. Liverpool Thread 2012/13

    He's probably cooler than you. I also, highly doubt he spends most of his life on a forum as you have done. So dont speak down to him.
  8. Liverpool Thread 2012/13

    Did NOT cheat Kissed his wrist, NOT celebrate Oh no, he smiled?! The world is ENDING
  9. Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo

    What are their CA/PA's? Thanks.
  10. What are their CA/PA's? Thanks.
  11. Allez les bleus! The France thread

    Thanking you.
  12. Your Countries 5 best players

    England: 1. Gerrard, 2. Rooney, 3. Hart, 4. Cole, 5. Lescott Spain: 1. Iniesta, 2. Xavi, 3. Alonso, 4. Pique, 5. Casillas
  13. Allez les bleus! The France thread

    Hi guys, for fantasy football purposes I must ask : will Cabaye and/or Malouda start against England? And if their whole squad is fit, who is more likely to start out of the two of them? Thanking you.
  14. Liverpool Thread 2011/12

    Backup to SG?
  15. Liverpool Thread 2011/12

    He got sent off ......