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  1. Along the lines of the levels you can set yourself when you start a game (Unknown, Ex-international, etc) Why can we not have those tweaked to a little more realistic For example <UL TYPE=SQUARE> <LI> Sunday League Manager <LI> Newly-qualified <LI> Jobbing Coach <LI> Recent Ex-pro <LI> UEFA 'A' Licence holder. Instead of what we have currently.
  2. When you're going to go out on a Saturday night and spend it all talking about FM to a good mate and fellow obsessee
  3. I've done that with Djurgarden IF! When players like Kallstrom, Chanko and Dorsin were there!
  4. Be able to get partnerships going with certain players. "player x feels he works best with y in defense with him" Either by having them as favoured personnel or having them come up through the Under 18's, Reserves etc etc. This could also help if you trying to sign a player who has a partnership with one of your current players.
  5. Also buying EVERY version of FM, on all platforms and including WWSM 'just to see if it's any different'
  6. I am so bad for that! I'm took my PSP to Paris and ended up taking over Paris FC 2000 and looking for their ground!
  7. I'm sure it's been covered, but I would like to also say that we should be able to give individual oppostion instructions to their subs at the beginning of the game. An example being in my recent game with Liverpool, I would have told my defenders to tightly man-mark him if he was to come on. As soon as he came on, I went to change my opposition instructions, but in the time it took me to click and start to change, he had already scored. Perhaps this could have been avoided through a pre-game instruction?
  8. I think we're all agreed on the media needing overhauling, however I would like to see the following tweak. When there is a major international championship (World or European) I'd like to see a media item like this. "You have been invited by a national TV station to comment on the Group Stage/Second Round/Quarter Final (etc) clash between x and y. Will you accept? It'd be like scouting a match as you'd have to watch it then say what you thought at the end. Perhaps along the same lines, if you sout a game, you get interviewed as to why you were there (I was running the rule over future transfer targets/opposition/just out for a game)
  9. I once took over Kristiansund BK a couple of FM's back and pooling my meagre resources, signed Tommy Hoiland. This FM legend then proceeded to score over 250 goals in 5 seasons as we rocketed to the Norweigian Premier Division. Then the twat signed for Lazio on a free. With no compensation. Arse.
  10. I like to have a mix of styles. My current one is quite factual, right up until it's current post (i'm not revealing anything yet ) As everyone has pointed out, it's how the writer communicates the feeling of playing
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