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  1. Cheers llama, he's doing so well for me at the moment, wish he'd do the same in real life ffs. You're one of the few names I recognise from here, any other regulars still about? Haha, if only mate. Play him mostly as targetman - attack, against weaker opposition who can't handle crosses. Against slightly stronger sides, most of the time they can handle the crosses, but can't handle the pace of my midfield, so I put him on support and let him lay off balls to Ox and Ozil mostly. I'll put up my tactic later if any of you want, need some help with it defensively, and for away games, think I've got the hang of the away games now though. Edit: I do only play FMC though, if that makes a difference.
  2. I just used Giroud, got me 55 goals in all competitions last season. Got Timo Werner as back up, he's excellent too.
  3. Mertesacker in my opinion. Purely cos Koscielny will last longer, and Mertesacker's value will drop sooner than Kos'. They're similar enough in ability, Mertesacker may be slightly better stats wise, but performance wise they're pretty equal. It's a insignificant decision, both will be back up I assume? Try keeping both for a season and see what happens? In other news, I finally have FM, don't recognise many of the posters here, changed loads. Erm, say hi if I should recognise you? I won't post much till after my exams, but I've almost finished my first season with Arsenal, will report soon enough.
  4. Does anyone know why we left the Fabregas/Nasri deals and the following deals so late? Was it just because Arsene was trying to persuade them to stay? Was confused about that. We should've had plenty of time to replace the two.
  5. I'm gonna wait till the window is up before I pass judgement. Just hoping Wenger is working on a deal quietly and we just don't know about it. Praying he has the sense to buy a midfielder or two.
  6. With our record of keeping players fit, what could go wrong?
  7. His words exactly: Out-of-favour Chelsea midfielder Yossi Benayoun on Twitter: "I am supposed to fly in the morning to London to speak with Chelsea and try to close a contract in one of the teams mentioned."
  8. I am yeah, I have a few youth CB's, and Fontas/Batra can already cover competently for him. For Xavi, I have plenty of CM's ready to cover. Brought Muniain in for Villa as well. Should mention I'm only buying Spanish/Portueguese speaking players (Spain, Portugal, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico), so I've sold anyone who wasn't a part of that in the original Barca squad.
  9. Going into the second season, my squad is: GK: Valdes, De Gea RB: D Alves, Montoya, LB: Jose Angel, Fabio CB: Puyol, Pique, Fontas, Muniesa, Batra DM: Marcelao (regen), Mascherano, Busquets CM: Xavi, Iniesta, Thiago, Dos Santos, AMR/L/ST: Pedro, Messi, Lucas, Muniain, Bojan, Villa With a load of youth being brought in for the future. Xavi is also a coach, and Puyol is also my assistant manager. Won everything last year, going unbeaten too. Can't see where else to improve, so I'm slowly going to make a home grown squad, which, with the players Barca have, shouldn't be too hard.
  10. Erm, could you give us the detailed stats Arsenal got for that game? Just go on home/away stats, depending on which you were. Fabregas was constantly getting 7.7's and 7.9's for me, didn't mean he assisted loads.
  11. b.e.p Do you mind giving us some stats? Like goals, assists etc? Kinda hard to get anything from your post unless we actually see that it's gets some results. I think that's what Speakie was getting at. I'm using him as a box to box midfielder in a 4-2-3-1 this season, not my idea I must admit, and that seems to work, can't get the stats, was like 6 games played, 1 goal, 3/4 assists. On the Denilson/Diaby topic, I sold Diaby and kept Denilson for the second season because I feel he compliments Fabregas/Rosicky/Ramsey better. I don't need a box to box midfielder, which is Diaby's best role imo, I need someone to keep possession and spread it out when every other midfielder has gone attacking, someone to play the ball winning midfielder role or a central midfielder on support. He's a good back up for Song, although he lacks strength, his stamina and good mental stats make up for it. And best of all, unlike Diaby, if he doesn't play, he doesn't complain. Oh, he's home grown too. Oh, and for goalkeeper, I can't big up Sergio Romero enough. Obviously having a great defence plays a part, but he's yet to concede this season, 6/7 games in. Magnificent player. Koscielny and Djourou compliment each other well too, I play those two, rotating them with Vermaelen and Rami.
  12. Erm, damn. Then you can either keep playing him and risk a red, drop him for a bit, try private chats another time. Fwiw, he hasn't got a single yellow or red for me, it may be your tactics, check your tackling aggression on your tactic for the team and Wilshere.
  13. Have a private chat, go on preferred moves and discipline training. From there, tell him to stop arguing with officials. After, you can try and make him stop diving into tackles. There may be an option on the match performance tab for discipline too, I'm not sure. You could also get him tutored by someone with low aggression, maybe Rosicky or Arshavin.