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  1. Cheers llama, he's doing so well for me at the moment, wish he'd do the same in real life ffs. You're one of the few names I recognise from here, any other regulars still about? Haha, if only mate. Play him mostly as targetman - attack, against weaker opposition who can't handle crosses. Against slightly stronger sides, most of the time they can handle the crosses, but can't handle the pace of my midfield, so I put him on support and let him lay off balls to Ox and Ozil mostly. I'll put up my tactic later if any of you want, need some help with it defensively, and for away games, think I've got the hang of the away games now though. Edit: I do only play FMC though, if that makes a difference.
  2. I just used Giroud, got me 55 goals in all competitions last season. Got Timo Werner as back up, he's excellent too.
  3. Mertesacker in my opinion. Purely cos Koscielny will last longer, and Mertesacker's value will drop sooner than Kos'. They're similar enough in ability, Mertesacker may be slightly better stats wise, but performance wise they're pretty equal. It's a insignificant decision, both will be back up I assume? Try keeping both for a season and see what happens? In other news, I finally have FM, don't recognise many of the posters here, changed loads. Erm, say hi if I should recognise you? I won't post much till after my exams, but I've almost finished my first season with Arsenal, will report soon enough.
  4. Does anyone know why we left the Fabregas/Nasri deals and the following deals so late? Was it just because Arsene was trying to persuade them to stay? Was confused about that. We should've had plenty of time to replace the two.
  5. I'm gonna wait till the window is up before I pass judgement. Just hoping Wenger is working on a deal quietly and we just don't know about it. Praying he has the sense to buy a midfielder or two.
  6. His words exactly: Out-of-favour Chelsea midfielder Yossi Benayoun on Twitter: "I am supposed to fly in the morning to London to speak with Chelsea and try to close a contract in one of the teams mentioned."
  7. Small but very useful idea - At post match team talks, highlight the man of the match, if a player on your team has won it. Saves some time in switching from one screen to another, like I said, small but helpful.
  8. In my opinion that's unnecessary, you can just have two people acting as one manager, it's really not needed.
  9. There's already a football manager wikipedia site up, although it doesn't go talk about clubs like your one does, or as much detail. http://footballmanager.wikia.com/wiki/Football_Manager_2009 You might already know this, I was just pointing it out. EDIT: Just noticed that you already knew this. My bad
  10. It's not the longest, but one of the longest I'm still going with is my IFK Hempstead game, I'm into 2016, I've been in charge for 3228 days.
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