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  1. MR U - great tactic as usual! Has anyone had any luck playing against 4-1-2-1-2 formations? They are very narrow packing the midfield. I tried switching to exploit the flanks but this didn't seem to have any impact. I went from being unbeaten against all the big sides to getting beaten 6-0 by Man Utd. They are a better side but my players looked totally useless against them. Any help appreciated.
  2. forameuss - I agree it is a matter of opinion. It is not the declaring interest bit - I think you should get hammered for that. It is the application for the job which I am arguing should be non public unless you apply for several jobs in a short space of time. A bit of randomness would be good too.
  3. It is not often when applying for other jobs that my current employer would be aware of it. I am not complaining about the chairman getting upset I am complaining that he should not be aware of it in every instance.
  4. Dear all, This has been an issue for several releases now and is starting to get to me. Every time I apply for another job it gets released to the media and I get the chairman and fans of my current club cheesed off. I think it is great that if you take the p*ss and apply for every job going you should arouse some interest from the press but for a one off job application is it really necessary for all this to kick off? Am I doing something wrong or is this the way it is supposed to be? Is anyone else frustrated or is it just me? Other than this loving the game. Thanks for listening.
  5. gazcollo - as Lucas said try the demo and see what you think. I have not seen to many fundamental changes just lots of little tweaks. Those little tweaks though make the game even more enjoyable. From the FMC point of view the one major change that makes it worth the money is the ability to add more than 3 leagues. Unlike Konrad0611 I have not seen any flaws - major or otherwise but then I don't tend to read through all the forums so may have missed something.
  6. FM14 - Which Thread?

    If no one else has it planned I am quite happy to do the Spurs one.
  7. Golb - I feel your pain I really do. I am struggling too but I have resolved to sit back and let them investigate (with the help of people on these forums) and put in place the fixes to make it the game we know it is possible to be.
  8. A perfect summary of how I feel. Thanks to Paul C etc for their continued presence on these forums and also for people describing the problems and providing pkms etc which will all help me, hopefully, get the amazing game which this so nearly is.
  9. A cry for help

    Thank you both for your replies - it is greatly appreciated. What I wanted to be able to do was: Pick a side who are stronger than the teams in their division (Monaco tick this) Pick a pre-built tactic (I used the pre-built 442 that came with the game) I have no interest in building tactics. Use the assistant manager to take care of the OI, match prep and team talks Then I wanted to be able to have success. Not unrealistic success but I am struggling. I don't want to have to sit and watch the games in minute detail in order to put tweaks in that may or may not make the difference. With previous versions this worked well. I am not interested in taking Southampton the premier league champions in the first season or even later seasons - I just want to manage a club well and get jobs at bigger teams. OneUnited - thanks for the tip on flat 442 - I shall give 4-2-3-1 and I am glad to hear that other people are having success. I realise that I will get a lot of people saying that I should be playing FMC if I want that more basic game play but I do not subscribe to this. Any further advice would be welcomed.
  10. I take over Monaco with International Footballer reputation. Analyse the squad, make sure I know what peoples best roles are. Use the standard 442, put the players into the positions and away we go. I have now played 10 games and apart from 2 draws I have lost the rest. I have been using the same tactic all the way through including preseason and the familiarity is high. The team has not changed around much with only one or two changes where needed for injuries. I have not brought in any new players but Monaco have a squad which should be good enough for this league. I have been played CM/FM for the past 10+ years and this is the first time I am totally stumped. I played the BETA and managed to do okay with Blackburn getting them into the premier league via the play offs and winning the FA cup so I am not completely useless. What my question is - has anyone had success in the full fat final release of the game and if so - how? I am obviously missing something key. I don't really want to go down the FMC route as that is not why I brought the game. Any observations/assistance would be appreciated.
  11. I thought the balance was right in the previous versions - you could get away with a couple but if you took the pee and applied for lots you got found out.
  12. Every time I apply for a job at another club it always ends up with it going public. Is there anyway to apply for jobs without them becoming public knowledge and therefore under minding my current position?
  13. I hate to say I agree with luka_zg but having enormously enjoyed the first season I am now struggling to get excited about the subsequent seasons. It may be down to me being an average manager but I find the league too easy and although I am successful in Europe I can't do the final push and win the thing. I am spending the money and getting splendid players but I am struggling with the long term aim of playing as Shakhtar. Any tips?