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  1. FM12: Looking For Thread

    Club: QPR Budget: 30m Looking for: RM and a LM With: Pace, Dribbling,Flair Season: 1 Loyalty Fee: Any Agent Fee: Any
  2. Un install and Re install the game on steam. It should then work. Not ideal but the game is now up and running for me.
  3. Guys I had the EXACT same error message and it ruined my morning ! But I just uninstalled FM on steam and re installed and the game is now working. Shouldn't have had to do this but it's the only solution I found !
  4. Stop typing and start playing is my advice. This is one FM that is pretty much as polished as can be.
  5. I wouldn't get your hopes up... this is a gold release. Am loving the Demo regardless !
  6. The Hype Surrounding FM2012...

    It would be interesting to put the question back to the SI team and gauge their views. Do they think its more of a polished up game or do they see Fm 12 as a game with revolutionary new features .... It's all subject to opinion I guess.
  7. Ah cheers mate:thup: ! Hadn't got to that pic yet
  8. New interface looking great I did notice on the second screen shot that none of the scorelines are next to fixtures so we can't see the results of any of the games - Are they just filtered out in this screen ?
  9. One of the least interesting blogs and features for me too, but I can understand why they've implemented these.
  10. Great blog - Definately feel FM needed some refreshing - and am all for making FM more user friendly !
  11. Too many press conferences

    "I'd suggest having fewer conferences. Save them for matches with rivals, big cup games, and important transfers. Ten press conferences a season would seem special and interesting. 100+ per season is annoying and time-consuming. No matter how realistic it is, something that is annoying should not be mandatory in a GAME. " Totally agree with this Chap More of a chore than an interesting/fun feature for me.
  12. Really good read and great feature too. I've never really bothered with the youth set up but I think I may give it a whirl now.
  13. Kind of agree here - improvements look decent so far - but not getting the " wow factor" with any of these. Hoping Miles has a few big surprises up his sleeve.
  14. Wallys update

    Great Job - Thanks for this Wally.
  15. Mooki3’s Football Manager 11.3 Database

    doesn't look like it !