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  1. Hey Ty having played the Beta for the last few hours I've been having a blast with AC Milan. If no one has any objections can I do the Milan thread instead of DC United
  2. I'm thinking about a journeyman save starting in MLS and then seeing if I can eventually get a job in one of Europe's top leagues. Serie A being the aim
  3. 37 years old and have played every game since Championship Manager Italia
  4. My main rules to squad building are keep the First Team Squad no bigger than 25, the reserve Squad no bigger than 15 and the youth squad no bigger than 20. Develop homegrown players and sign mostly younger talent, every year or two I may sign a high quality veteran for tutoring purposes.
  5. I had a really good save with Catania a few years back so always look out for their results, sad to see them get relegated last season
  6. DC United or Portland Timbers, don't succumb to the Galaxy, Sounders or NYRB hyperbole,
  7. I'm game with whichever you think is best, but maybe seeing team specific thread as opposed to a general MLS one may raise interest and encourage others to follow suit
  8. In order to drum up some interest in MLS, I'll take D.C. United
  9. I just pre-ordered from GMG, usually buy directly through Steam , anyone have any idea when they send out the Beta codes
  10. Nation: France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, etc.....not England. In fact if someone can recommend a Mexican club that would be ideal Division: any European Competition: No Media Prediction: Any Board Expectation(s): Any Transfer Budget: Decent Wage Budget: Decent Finances: Secure Other: So basically what I'm looking for is to rebuild a fallen giant. from the bottom up if necessary, so they'll preferably not be in the nations top division. Monaco need not apply
  11. Sorry my bad that was a typo, it was Brad Evans from Seattle I picked up in the waiver draft, another good player though. But to answer your question, for the newly arrived players the only option is to waive them but with players like Conor Casey, there salaries are guaranteed and will remain as part of your cap. I agree with trying to offload Casey as he is a bit of a donkey, but I would rather have him than Lionard Pajoy
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