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  1. Can i use this for version 12.0.4 ? ive seen a few updates that can work on any patch but there not even near as accurate as this looks ?
  2. Sign cavani and put suarez on the right. I had atleast 60+ goals between him and tevez
  3. Its a goalie im looking for cant find any here
  4. I seen on the official links that henderson is a wonderkid. Where do you guys play him and what training do you give him. I have schedules for B2B playmaker Att Playmaker Def Att MidC Or Att Mid Right ? Where would he fit in ?
  5. Good god lol maybe wait a few year then settled for andre ayew aimar and subotic
  6. How much are you lot paying for hazard im up at 15m and still getting a no. And lavezzi aswell 16m getting knocked back
  7. pretty tricky without spending. Eder from casena i think comes amazing.
  8. Havent tried it yet busy weekend. I will give it a go for a few month and post feedback thanks for the input
  9. Thanks for that. Which 1 would you stick with and where would u play suarez upfront or att left ive brought in doumbia from cska whos pretty good looking for up top. also brough it subotic sold skrtel and carrol for 5 each
  10. How long for your 2012 jan update metalist. Sorry not read alot just nipping on for a quick check at work
  11. About to start a liverpool save for fm 12 anybody recomend any tactic preferably plug and play as i still havent got to terms with my own.
  12. I have bought 2 new dm's nkolouu or howveer hes spelt. And Maresca who has been awfull so im on the hunt for another 1 Im 1860 munchen so its hard to attract big players
  13. Its fm 11 im using it gee finished 12th german second division pent 24 million start of the 12nd season cant score a goal and conceding lots. Strange i remember scoring over 100 a season with this tactic
  14. Never thought id see the day when this tactic failed in fm 11 bottom and cant get off it after 22 games with 1860 munchenno idea whats went wrong
  15. This looks an interesting game. Thumbs up for the opening post Im about to start 1 with malaga Any tactic tips and signings recommended ?
  16. Start of 2nd season anybody see anywere that needs strenghtened
  17. Thanks ill give this a try through pre season on my second season almost there. ill screen my team in a second !
  18. Can some1 upload a tactic they have been sucessfull with before i delete this game its horrible sick of being outplayer at home to every team this games brutal !
  19. Approaching janruary transfer window finally got a consistant tactic and due to sell half my team... anybody recommed an def mid and right back and left winger/ right winger
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