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  1. shoot less often does not mean never shoot
  2. Because an ap should not shoot often? he's a playmaker, he wants the ball to make assist to his team mates. this is his main work. if you want a player who mainly try to score, then he's not a playmaker
  3. Same to me. italian language
  4. When I face a stronger team who is supposed to attack me, I usually play a low risk mentality, counter or defensive, with a structured shape. Your roles and duties allocation seems fine to me, but when you switch to a more defensive strategy, you may change an attacking duty to standard, this should help the balance. On the other side, if you are 2nd in the league, you may need to be a little more aggressive against weaker teams, I usually do this simply playing on control or even attacking and add one or two attacking duties
  5. I'm very interested in this recreation of juve tactic as i'm a juventus fun (i'm italian) and i've watched every single match. My thoughts about the formation you posted above... the back three, i think it's only chiellini on the left who often bring the ball out of the defence, barzagli on the right is quite cautious with the ball, maybe you should remove the dribble more instruction to him. The central midfielder (usually Marchisio) is the deepest, but he's not playing like Pirlo as a Regista, i see him more as a simple CM defensive (or DM) and i also see Bonucci as the real playmaker from the deep.
  6. I want to thank you for this thread as it's absolutely amazing. I'm finding it very useful and informative. It also provides a view of how far this game has gone in terms of connections with the real football. Great work!
  7. Thanks. I don't see specific problems, we are doing well and the football we are playing is good. I'm not completely satisfied with the left back, as I would like to see more attacking play from him, and the rating of my CM is always low, although he's doing what he should do. Sometimes I struggle to defend well against flat 433, and in general against teams with an AM and two strikers.
  8. hello, this is my main tactic in my current save with Vicenza (italian serie B). with a slightly different tactic i won serie B in the first season and now i'm 5th in serie A after 18 matches. mentality: counter team shape: fluid ----------------GK(d) WB(s)----CD(d)----CD(d)----WB(a) WM(a)---DLP(s)----CM(d)---WP(a) ---------------AM(a) ---------------DLF(s) instructions: retain possession pass into space work ball into box play out of defence be more disciplined push higher up stay on feet PI: CDs shorter passing, close down less, WB(a) and CM(d) close down less, WM(a) cut inside, AM(a) move into channels Advice/suggestions would be grateful
  9. and yes, you're right, it's completely absurd.
  10. how it works in real life: team A owns player 1. player 1 has a market value of 10 team B buy player 1 from team A paying half of his value, 5. then gives to team A a right of participation (50%) to property consequences of player 1. player 1 signs a new contract with team B (the minimum length has to be 2 years) now, as a company, there is an owner but two equal partners, who take decisions on player 1. team B now can loan player 1 back to team A, or to a third team. team A can also sell his right of participation to a third team. at the end of the season (or before) team A and team B have to find an agreement, so team B can buy team A right of participation or team A can buy player 1 from team B. both teams can decide to renew the co-participation for another season. if the teams don't find an agreement there's a blind auction and the team who put the higher bid become 100% owner of player 1.
  11. never played a save in italy (although i'm italian!) so i can't confirm. but what me and le_crab say it's what real life rules say.
  12. correct. also if at the blind auction no one put a bid the player will remain at the club who owns his contract
  13. for what i know the salary has to be totally paid from the club that buy the half of the player (this is also uncorrect, because the second club technically buy the whole contract, but then concede the 50% of the future profits to the seller club).
  14. Lazio and Roma, Chievo Verona and Hellas Verona (serie B), Modena and Sassuolo