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  1. I decided to give this a go with Tamworth TAMWORTH F.C. Season 2019/20 Vanarama National League North Manager Profile The first season went very well and we comfortably won the league. It took a bit of time to find consinstency, I played all the season with a 433 (4141DM) formation but changed the roles until january. Fixtures 1 Fixtures 2 Transfers 1 & 2 I signed too many players, but most were on non-concracts, so I released most of them when I found someone better. I kept 4 players of the original squad, Asante, Wallis, Sharpe, Verma, in my starting XI. Left back Sharpe won the player of the season award. I also won the manager of the year award. Best XI
  2. My best moment so far is this guy on my first youth intake. I'm playing as Tamworth (dafuge's challenge, so it's season 19/20, but my first in charge) in National League north
  3. pauso

    Average Gamer Age

    I'm 40 and I'm italian. I've been playing since the CM days (in Italy it was called Scudetto)
  4. I'm entering this, I've tried to reload several times to get AFC Rushden & Diamonds, but it seems impossible, so I'm starting with AFC Hornchurch
  5. pauso

    [Italy] Data Issues

    http://www.uspistoiese1921.it/esonerati-indiani-e-fiasconi-il-nuovo-allenatore-e-antonino-asta-il-vice-alberto-nardi/ http://www.monza1912.it/news-dettaglio.php?id=635 New managers at Us Pistoiese and Monza
  6. my odds for first season..
  7. I'll give a try with Whitby. If they don't sack me i'll post a screenshot at the end of season 1
  8. I love it. I play 352 and my advanced forward has it. he does exactly what he's supposed to do. my backup striker in this position hasn't got this ppm and the difference is big
  9. pauso

    New Laptop/PC- Help Needed

    Yes, you're obviously right on this. As i had an old laptop for FM17, this one seems amazing to me as the game runs great with all the major leagues loaded and a database of around 80000 players, but again, this is in comparison with my old machine.
  10. pauso

    New Laptop/PC- Help Needed

    I've exactly the same machine and for FM it's really good
  11. pauso

    New Laptop/PC- Help Needed

    Well, I want a 15.6 inch screen and it would be good a decent battery. Weight portability and design are not imortant for me. But i think to pick the Dell as probably is the less expensive with these specs
  12. pauso

    New Laptop/PC- Help Needed

    Thanks for your help. As FM is the only game I play, I'll probably choose the version with the 1050ti. For the same price (around 1000 euros) I can buy a Dell, an Acer and an Asus, all with i7 7700hq, ssd+hd, 16gb ram. Do you recommend any particular brand?
  13. pauso

    New Laptop/PC- Help Needed

    Hello smurf, first thing to say it's that you're doing a great work here. Now, my question; I'm finally looking for a new laptop and i'm looking to a couple of Dell laptops. Both have these specs, i7 7700hq, 16 gb ram, ssd+hd. One has a gfx 1050ti 4gb, the other has a 1060 6gb. I can buy the first for 1000 euros, the second is 150 euros more. Do you think they are good for that price? There will be a noticeable difference in game with the gfx 1060?
  14. shoot less often does not mean never shoot