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  1. Non Promotion Release Clause

    It means that if your team doesnt get promoted that season then the player can leave for whatever price the clause says
  2. just won champions league in third season with marseille won europa league the season before really enjoying it at the moment have dzeko and hulk up front adler in goal building a great team hopefully
  3. Gignac or dzekooooooooooo!!!!

    dzeko all the way mate got him twinned with pandev or hulk on my save he is a demon
  4. job applications other than manager

    You cant do that only manager
  5. France have two cups
  6. CONGRATULATIONS!!! mate well done
  7. Go on holiday and your ass man will pick the squad, or leave gaps in your registration squad
  8. I'm not playing in the premiership but just noticed the league table after 5 games for most of the team sand this was shocking very good start for burnley!!! http://i851.photobucket.com/albums/ab80/flipfrogsplash/EnglishPremierDivision.png
  9. Monthly Installments, How do they work?

    Will they let you confirm the transfer??? if i offer too much like that they usually wont let me confirm
  10. Monthly Installments, How do they work?

    the first 12 months worth comes off the current seasons budget so if you have 150k left you can offter 425k over 2.5 years maximum hope that helps
  11. Happy with things

    yeah i think thats true the game is amazing compared with 09 nad all competition I am loving my game at the moment a\nd long range goals are frequent but not game breaking like the bugs in 09 well done SI KUTGW
  12. How to retire a jersey number?

    i think it comnes up as a news item when a legend in your team retires but not sure
  13. italian clubs send several players out on loan or co-ownership as there are no reserve leagues in italy guess you could do that with the younger ones or arrange reserve friendlies all season
  14. squad numbers

    those are the new rules after the first season its the same in real life after this year, under 21's do not need to be selected they are automatically eligible
  15. Update today

    mine too 10 10