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  1. If I may, one of the biggest problems with international games for me is the lack of quality players coming through from nations apart from the usual suspects. African teams regularly reach quarter finals, so their teams should have decent Premiership level players, or at least a starting XI, but this never happens and the same applies for unloaded European nations too. I realize an easy way around this would be loading up a European nation midgame, but African and Asian nations get hindered on this route as well. My suggestion would be – Dynamic Youth Rating. Just as dynamic league ratings, you could have a range within which the youth rating of a nation fluctuates, depending upon how well their clubs are doing and how well their national team has been doing. For eg, if Ghana reach the semis of 2022’s WC, then their youth rating gets a boost, and stays that way for say, 8 years, enough to rear through a good crop of players. Essentially, these ratings would change every only 8 years and not constantly every season, possibly saving some bugs and issues. Of course, how well they develop depends on how good the youth academies of clubs in these nations are, and that’s where club success in their continent, plus league ratings come into play. This isn’t too unrealistic, since the Bundesliga enjoyed a boost in rep since around 08 and the strong young national team. Same applies for the La Liga and on the other end of the scale, the Eredivisie, which is suffering from a bit of a downturn due to the lack of good Dutch young players. Only the Premiership is the exception to this, but in other cases, what I said is realistic. The Premiership is alpha in any case, because of international money, which other leagues lack, and that explains why they’re the exception while the rest of the leagues aren’t. So, a high league and club rating for a nation would lead to better youth and training facilities, thus actually helping the higher youth rating in actually yielding substantial returns ie players. This could also be a more effective system than the current one, where you go from, say, 7 190+ PA players current date, to 18 190+ PA players 20 years later, but with only 7 actually fulfilling their potential. The extra 18 players just clog up the game and it just seems unrealistic you know. You wouldn’t need these bulk newgens if youth academies were effective and this goes some way towards that. Finally, I’d add that depending on how strong our rep is as a manager, we could coax the FA to implement new youth facilities/programs which would boost the youth facilities of clubs in the nation. The success and spread of this depends on how successful we have been. Heck, with the new FM15 feature of whether Im a tactical or technical manager, being a strong technical manager would contravene with a lack of rep and success relatively and allow the player’s youth plans to be more effective. I’ve just thought of this, so this needs proper refinement, but the rest of the stuff is something I’ve been thinking about for a long while. Thanks
  2. Yes actually. There could be the whole ladder all the way down to Karting, which will make the game so richly in depth. By the time your team reaches F1 you'll have a driver who is winning races in F1 who started with you in Karting. How cool would that be? Same for sponsors and other stuff. If there is a ladder system, then you can have teams going bust at the top levels where you or some other achievers replace them. Will rule out the need for licenses as well from F1, just rename them and the lower formulae will not hesitate to any portrayal of them on a game by a proven and popular sports sim game company. I'd just love a proper PC F1 management game. Batracer is indeed decent, but I'd find an F1/racing sim made by SI indubitably more fun. There's Grand Prix Manager as well which is a good base to build up on and I'm sure if people focus on making such a game, there'll be countless ideas. Expand the game to American racing series as well and you've got two major markets covered in Europe and the US, which could arguably make the fanbase equal in size to FM. Don't forget South American support as well.
  3. Races will have a lot to them. Specifying the setup, like tactics in FM, driver strategies for the race, again like tactics. You'll have to go through practice sessions to figure them out not to mention a different set of tactics for Qualifying. Driver and Personnel market just like the transfer market in FM. And you'll have sponsor negotiations and a whole schedule for new parts throughout the season.
  4. SAF would never really get sacked. Even under the worst circumstances, he'd resign and retire. Not get fired by the board. Because long term managers earn respect (rep) at their clubs, which is something that should be a factor in the game, but SAF's sacking goes against that.
  5. Of course it can't lunch. It's a PC game. Some people take their obsession too far.
  6. Thanks, that's a good summation. Right now, the newgens of higher quality start getting produced in abundance as the game progresses. Wouldn't a % system make sense. Like 190+ can only be limited to 1 or 2 for the big nations and so on.
  7. I know pre FM09, the system of regens was used, in which retiring players were recycled as new youngsters. But what exactly is the system now?
  8. As I've recently had to do some updating of myself, editing in any sorts of loans were a pain in the backside and I completely concur that short term loans don't make a difference as compared to other transfers.
  9. Thanks a million. I'll make do with editing the newer transfers myself, no problems. Can you give me the exact final date of the transfers though? Edit - Unfortunately there seems to be some problem with anything related to Newcastle, since clicking on anything which would lead to Newcastle is crashing the game. No changes have been made by me.
  10. Two things. With the new Premier U-21 League, we have a good league for people who want to start off as the Youth team manager, or as they are being called these days, the Developmental Squad. We as a player, would have the chance to build up reputation as a coach in a relatively competitive league, learn the ability to nurture youngsters and in fact, use the whole opportunity as a tutorial for the 'real job' as well if you are a new player since it will be considerably a low pressure job where learning about tactics and developing youngsters is seen as the more important thing rather than results. Our team's manager could give us advice as well etc etc. It would certainly open up a new aspect of the real life footballing system for us and make us more immersed in general. The second thing is a consortium or tycoon stapling you to their takeover bid while you are unemployed. IE, if the Thayers want to buy Everton FC, they'll contact you and ask you if you'll become Everton's manager if their takeover succeeds. Here you could negotiate your demands with them. For eg, how much investment you'd want or that you'll only move if you expand the stadium or youth facilities.
  11. Seriously, nobody?? What went wrong, there used to be updates stretching back to 07 last time around.
  12. Will there be any summer update for FM 2011? Anyone making it anywhere in the community?
  13. Are the versions for previous games paid as well? Will they have all their features if they're free?
  14. Does player rep increase/decrease substantially when a club over/underachieves or does that not have much of a bearing in calculating reputation.
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