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  1. Another great article Cleon and one I've been hoping for. I play counter myself mainly throughout the FM's. Though I am using a 4-4-2 (For no other reason than I've never got one to work successfully in any other FM) and I've taken on board some of the points you've outlined with improved results, so thank you for that. Despite this, one of the primary issues I have is a lack of actual challenges to win the ball back to initiate a counter attack. So often my players will just jockey the opposition until they get a shot away. There just seems a really lack of aggression at times just outside
  2. Seems a lot of people are so enraptured with Football Manager that they don't have time to keep up with real football!
  3. I've been trying for a season to replicate this. But as with other FM's, i'm not a big fan of the Hassle opponents as it doesn't feel very well implemented into the Match engine for me. It's been this way for a while, especially with the back line and their decision making on pressing. How are you finding the pressing against better teams? As i seem to end up chasing shadows.
  4. I must admit. Since the recent patch this is something i noticed more. I probably concede double the amount of goals from corners currently largely due to really poor headed clearances that result in a game of ping pong. Goal line scrambles happen multiple times a game for me currently with ricochet's left and right, plays seem reluctant just to clear it for a throw instead of trying up to clear up field and failing constantly.
  5. Thanks guys. I would have another source of goals via an inside forward too. Though unlike you Jack my advanced playmaker would be in the AM position, which makes me concerned that they will perhaps try to occupy the same space and get in each others way?
  6. Quick question. Has anyone had any success using a DLF/A with an AP behind them? I usually use a traditional number 9 but at the moment i am stuck with Kanoute who is most suited to a DLF and an AM who is an ideal playmaker. I've been experimenting with this with little success, obviously playmaker's don't get forward often and so the Kanoute has to rely on runs from the wings most of the time. Which brings me round to another question. Llama, you've used Giroud as an advanced forward. Does his lack of pace or dribbling ever course a problem for you in this circumstance? As you use pass in
  7. Yes. Most Definitely. I'm about to be promoted from the Bundesliga 2 to 1 and i use a quite attacking tactic with high pressure and quick transitions which has worked fine in the 2nd division as i am one of the better teams. Coming into the Top Division i am unsure whether to stick or twist. I'm not sure whether to prepare myself for a season of counter attacking or whether to keep my current tactics for the most part. Logic dictates that i'd have to defend more and be more solid at the back against better teams, but when i've played more defensively before we have struggled. I'm not confide
  8. I've actually noticed the same thing. I'm conceding a lot more goals from set pieces recently. Can't think if it's from the update or earlier, but it's the majority of my conceded goals. A lot of the time it's panic clearances where my defenders will repeatedly try to smack it up field but keep hitting it at the opposition attackers until it eventually rebounds to someone with an open goal. The irritating part is that changing my corner tactics will not really help as these players are marked correctly, but my players have just stopped following runners recently. Bar getting new players it'
  9. I use a similar formation and have similar problems and always have. Playing a high pressure in a 4-2-3-1 with MC's just seems suicide most of the time for me, As once an opposition midfielder is behind your MC's it's very hard to pressure him without ruining your defensive line and opening yourself up. Also the fact that you don't push your D Line higher means said midfielder will have even more space to operate between your mid and defence I've spent the last few days trying to correct this but have been unable to with MC's. As Cleon says, 2 DMC's just seem to make better sense. Off the b
  10. I believe retain possession will reduce tempo and route one will increase it. But shouting shorter passing or more direct changes passing directness and nothing else unless i'm mistaken?
  11. I tried a similar thing DaBossa, attacking with high closing down. I tried to transfer my team settings over from my 4-3-3 originally but i think the formation frankly is not ideal for an attacking quick tempo tactic. That's not to say it can't be done, anything is possible, but i've had painstaking difficulty trying to get that sort of tactic to work and have now resorted to a possession based tactic to see me through the season. I don't believe they'd be an issue with playing a high D-Line with high closing down, though i'd be worried about how your team close down opposition fullbacks, as
  12. Having one of the CM's come over seems to be my biggest issue. Constantly my FB or Wing back are finding themselves in 2 v 1 situations against the oppositions fullback and winger while the midfield sit and watch. Short of telling the midfielders to man mark specific widemen or fullbacks i'm not sure how to get them to come over. Team is already on high closing down. I'm not sure if there's a correct way to do this or if the ME doesn't compensate for only having a lone wide defending player properly. It's not that the midfield are getting caught out, they're just not coming over at all hal
  13. I've started experimenting with a 4-1-3-2 in my 2nd Season in the MLS with Toronto and am struggling with it so far. I think a large reason for this is the style i'm trying to play, with heavy pressing and quick direct transition play, It's something i was concerned about when deciding to make the switch to the formation in pre-season, and my fears seem to have come true so far. It's very hard to play a pressing game when your midfielders have a lot of distance to cover to close down a winger or fullback. And after winning the ball back due to lack of width there's not much space at all again
  14. This. This is the bane of my time in La Liga, courtesy of Roberto Martinez. Twice a season i know i'm coming up against this, and i already know i'm facing a draw or a 1-0 loss. In my last game against this formation, i created a grand total of 3 chances, 2 were set pieces. I play a 4-2-3-1 myself on the counter for the most part, though i have tried both control and attacking against this tactic to little effect. So in terms of breaking it down my first thoughts are to overload the wing backs by exploiting the flanks. I've also set to play wider to try and pull their midfield apart a bit
  15. An issue i am finding is the amount of management and changes i have to put into each and every game, no matter the quality of the opposition. Which contradicts what i said above but still. Very rarely can i keep the tactic as it is with just a few shouts. Tiring frankly and i'm now starting look towards moving away from the 4-2-3-1. There are some teams i feel frankly due to my quality i should be causing trouble to with very little changes. It could be i'm just reading the situations wrong.
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