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  1. id say no 1 is your best bet pal, looks good though, cant wait for the release!
  2. Has anyone else experienced a higher number of crash dumps while playing network games? Our clan has now had 4 in 2 nights and we are struggling to even get through the first weeks of pre season!!! Many thanks STR
  3. Hi there, I had a search but couldnt find anything on this, I have set all of my presets etc on my own game and set up my own formation and set peices etc but when I play my online game, i cannot see any of the presets anymore, is there a way to export them for use in another save? I did save them and everything but no luck. Also, can you export your set peices too? Many thanks STR
  4. Hi EDL, appreciate you muat be busy on release night but could you answer the question on how it will affect online games? Im hoping you can alleviate my fears!!! Many thanks
  5. Hi there, i am a co chairman of a clan and while i think the editor is a great idea, i am extremely concerned about how this couldbbe used to cheat in game, will it be possible to easily see if a manager has used the editor? Or can it be locked once as the initial game is set up? Thanks
  6. Cheers Veg, so would i just create them as replica's of the current competitions and then make the other leagues inactive? How would that effect things like eiropean competitions?
  7. Hi guys, I wonder if anyone may be able to help? I am about to start a new journeyman game for my Clan (Cloughies Clan) and we are intending to have England, Spain and Italy as available leagues, however in order to keep the game flowing, I wanted to change the game days so that they are all the same day otherwise the game will take ages if we start in different nations. I have had a look in the editor but cannot see a way to change this, can anyone help?? I have also looked in the XML files but it lists the italy rules as match days on a saturday but clearly when you start a game in Italy they aren't!! Can anyone help?? Many thanks Mark
  8. Hey Tyler, very interesting tactic, been struggling for consistency with my old QPR side and now with Derby using a 442 with wingers in the AMR/L positions, used your ideas to change my midfield and have managed to get it working really well, you might want to consider trying it with the winger sin more forward positions, it seems to give more attacking but still pretty good defensively. Also (as my players aret quite as good) took off the specific crossing to near/far posts and slightly reduced closing down, d line and creative freedon and all going great, only 1 loss in 6 games!! Cheers
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