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  1. i'm still having the issue of the floating players , can anyone tell me what the fix is please
  2. also have a look at the financial fair play tag in your finance screen , there is a maximum player wage total allowed in the division , bolton are in league 1 which has a max of £29,181 per month
  3. ive got a game where i am bolton , where even tho i was still in the black i was losing over the allowed limits , id had a mail from my chairman saying he was altering my wage budget & i was also under a transfer embargo from the beginning of feb till the beginning of march , i needed to lose 2k from my weekly wage bill for it to sort itself out , just tried looking back to see if the mails was still there , but alas they wernt
  4. is it anything to do with the financial fair play thing , even though you have cash in the bank & under your wage budget , you could still be on to make a loss ?
  5. ive got antwerp on my utd save & brought at least 10 players in without work permits , who gained belgium citizenship , not noticed any issues at all , you able take screen grabs & show how the affiliated clubs are listed for your club ?
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