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  1. I fully understand why moving the start date forward would never be an option (eliminates need to buy new versions of the game if you can keep moving the start date in an old game forward) but I would love to be able to move the starting year BACK. This would allow for the creation of historic databases, which would be a lot of fun. I’d love to take over Man Utd when Fergie did, or the Ajax team of the early-mid 90s, etc. If the editor could do a lot of the ‘dirty work’ when changing dates (removing competition/player records) that would be even better. And setting ‘entry’ dates for players so modern players could appear at 15, for example, would also be great. Cherry on top would be SI releasing official historic databases but that feels like an impossibility with all the factors of licensing etc. Hopefully the FM fanbase are keen enough to pull together to create at least a small database (and leave the rest to newgens).
  2. With the reemergence of a back 3 as one of the most popular tactical systems for defences, a new role for the right and left centre backs of Wide Centre Back would be a good addition. Currently with a back 3 and wingbacks/wide midfielders, the analysis of the formation has the right/left fullback areas red and an area of weakness when actually the right/left centre backs should be covering those areas to some degree (at the expense of weakening the centre). You can put centre backs in the fullback positions as ‘Defensive Fullback’ as a rough equivalent but i) they often aren’t familiar with that position and ii) it’s a more extreme widening of the back three. A specific role that allowed for centre backs to cover the flanks while not being too wide would be very useful (and realistic). It’s also possible to see them in a back four, Puyol & Pique used to play very wide for Barca to give better options to Valdes when the wingbacks had pushed on.
  3. While I can completely see why being able to roll the game forward would be something SI don't want to add (because then you'd get people updating the database each season rather than buying the next game), I think it would be awesome if you could roll it back to a different year, so there was the possibility of creating historical scenarios. I would love, for example, to play with the treble winning Man Utd team, or the Arsenal Invincibles, or even further back with the Liverpool teams of the 70s/80s, the England World Cup winners of '66. Everyone is going to have their favourite eras and teams that they would like to manage (maybe you want the Ajax team from '95 with all the talent that was there?), and having real players appear in youth teams as the seasons went on would be great as well. Obviously then you'd have people stockpiling Ronaldo, Zidane, Messi, etc. but setting them with a broad Potential Ability would mean that maybe they don't always become the superstar they were in real life anyway. In an ideal world, SI would create databases for us but I don't see that as feasible, certainly not straight away, but if you look at a community like the TEW series (basically a wrestling version of FM) and see what has been produced in terms of custom databases, there is no reason why FM players couldn't contribute to creating historical databases if the option was there. It would be a massive undertaking (and I imagine the game worlds would be a lot, lot smaller so it might not run as smoothly as the main game) but it would be a fun twist to the game. The big stumbling blocks (aside from the mammoth effort required by whoever made the databases) would be rule changes but perhaps that is something SI could code into the editor so that certain rules come in at certain times so they are only active when they would be in real life (I'm thinking Bosmans, Transfer Windows, etc.).
  4. Hi. I'm on version 15.1.3 572980 (m.e v1534) and have an issue with the in-game editor. I have used it to try and remove a position from a player but the position just keeps returning. He is a natural central midfielder but has been retrained by his club to be a striker. I tried becoming manager of the club and removing the position training and then removing the position from him but even then it keeps returning. Is there any way to stop the new position from coming back?
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