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  1. Business its business, but hey, as costumers we can also choose what to buy, I wont be buying full FM or Xbox FM. Im sticking with the FMT version that I have. There are other manager games out there also, maybe i will support those.
  2. This is the end of FM for me, I dont have time to play the full version, Touch was just what i needed. Also dont want to limit my saves to a number of leagues. So sad.-
  3. Is this years version worth buying over last year? Im reading the thread and i see things like Club Vision more limited than last year, no player shortcuts and limited options when offering new contracts to player, is this by design or are they bugs?
  4. Waiting to see the new features of FMT, I only buy this version since 2017
  5. Is the skin that comes with the Beta the dark skin? or that one will be in the full game?
  6. Yes you can dock pitch widgets by dragging them to create a split view. Thanks!
  7. Hello there, sorry for my bad english, for anyone that is already playing the game, I know that the 2d classic was changed, I play fmt 17 like the pic below, it will be possible to play fmt 18 in a similar way? thanks in advance.
  8. Hi there, im using the Eagle tactic tweaked by someone in this thread (Redhotwax i think) with my Brondby side, in four seasons ive won the league 3 times and the league cup once, currently in my 5th season and with some extraordinary results in europe: My most important win in europe so far with Brondby : im using the tactic home and away, with opposition instructions.
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