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  1. Why Steam???

    If you've only got dialup and/or severe bandwidth restrictions any digital download system will be pretty rubbish.
  2. Foreign Status ERROR

    This isn't a bug its intended. Basically theres a rule that a foreign player is anyone not elligible to play for the Russian national team which obviously Vagner Love isn't having played for Brazil so he would be foreign regardless of having a Russian passport. Which also means Russians can become foreign if they play for another national team.
  3. I guess the reason people don't see this feature often is that although it does exist in many countries there are very often easy ways out of it especially for professional athletes/those living abroad. Mostly due to it being a pointless and expensive excercise for the country in question which is why mainly national service programs have been abolished in europe in recent years.
  4. Nikola Zigic breaks FM

    I like the idea of height + jumping because that clearly shows the maximum he could possibly be which for a very tall player means they are capable of reaching balls at points that other players are simply never possible to win the ball at. You shouldn't get carried away with these being the only attributes though, some very good players in the air do it by timing their runs, meeting the ball at the very highest they possibly can etc... While the very tall players can be defended by messing up their approach to the high cross preventing them from getting a good leap and from getting to the optimal place for them to head the ball.
  5. Choosing starters

    There is no one answer you can pick here because it depends how big the differences are. Tier 1. Attributes/Coach report as they're the same thing. Say I have 4 strikers, one is rubbish, barely functional is desperation in the lower division but he was never the best and I've bought more hes only going to play if he really has to. Tier 2. Fitness they got to be fit to start but again dependent on how good they are, a 90% top player is still better than a 100% rubbish one but it does increase the chance there will be substitutions. Tier 3 Form/Morale pretty much the same thing. If I have fit players of similar level it becomes very important and can determine a bit of rotation if I have the luxury of extra players. It would be nice if you could use this to pick your team all the time but my clubs usually have severe deficiencies in player quality at some positions and lack of depth due to having no money like a big team does. To those who voted form/morale I ask the question; You have Fernando Torres and Tarmo Kink (Middlesbrough), Kink is in a buoyant mood after scoring last week and Torres is a bit upset and hasn't score for a couple of games. Who do you put on the pitch?
  6. Bóltfelagið Royn 2016 Domestic: Only game I remember was an epic comeback winwin over HB who keep on buying more top foreign players as the only other professional side. Still we won the league, in fact I think things got easier after the patch. Europe: First was a difficult match against Young Boys and the victory gave us great confidence. Royn 3-2 Young Boys Young Boys 1-2 Royn Next was Dundee where we lost when we should have got a goal, extra dissapointing was that this wasn't so hard a match to win and would have set up Inter Baku for a place in the group stage who are awful and we would have beaten with serious ease. Dundee 1-0 Royn Royn 1-1 Dundee So instead of Baku for champions league its Brasov for europa league, a much harder match for a much worse competition. Brasov 1-2 Royn Royn 1-0 Brasov Into the group, we're better than Panathinaikos, I can't even be bothered with all the screenshots. Royn 0-3 Spurs Monaco 4-0 Royn Panathinaikos 1-2 Royn Royn 1-1 Panathinaikos Spurs 4-0 Royn Royn 0-2 Monaco Leaving us 3rd in the group. Squad: Lithuanian Top Scorer: Prince Amaoko Best Player: Prince Amaoko Best Faroese: Bárður Petersen Next season: Champions league group? Year | League | Position | Løgmanssteypið | Lions | Atlantic | Champions | Europa ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2011 | 2.Deild | Winners | Quarters | N/A | N/A | N/A | N/A 2012 | 1.Deild | 2nd ^^ | 2nd Round | N/A | N/A | N/A | N/A 2013 | Vodafonedeildin | 3rd | Quarters | N/A | N/A | N/A | N/A 2014 | Vodafonedeildin | Winners | 2nd Round | N/A | N/A | N/A | 3rd Qlfy 2015 | Vodafonedeildin | Winners | 2nd Round | Winners | Winners | 3rd Qlfy | 4th Qlfy 2016 | Vodafonedeildin | Winners | Winners | Winners | Final | 3rd Qlfy | Group
  7. Oh you've gone for Armenia, when I was setting up the challenge they were a bit of a headache and I had to change things around so it wasn't impossible. As you've noticed theres hardly any clubs, I searched for more and there just aren't any more active clubs around. The problem with this is of course the number of new Armenians getting created will be a problem which is why theres some more lenient restrictions than most the leagues on here.
  8. Things you never thought you'd hear on a forum at about a football management game...
  9. Before you make any move on staying amateur forever problem berty I think you should play a couple of years in Europe. Your domestic turnover is basically nothing and off those numbers it wouldn't make sense to go semi-pro so the other thing that can do it is a few seasons in Europe, hopefully.
  10. Really looking at the original post the number of shots may be high but the number of clear cut chances is not. The most obvious example is the Stoke screenshot, 26 shots, 2 clear cut chances, 1-0 win. Which frankly implies you tell your players to shoot whenever they're even remotely near the box leading to a lot of quite tame efforts.
  11. Soviet Disunion (The Sign-up)

    Well I guess its not a total disaster if you have to start again since the challenge hasn't begun, it would just be a bit annoying if my guy is worse
  12. Maybe you had to ask the board to do it, I'm not really sure with things like that. Either way its a shame. As for the patch, I think all should be fine to carry on save games with it updated, I will have to check they didn't break any of the leagues though but I'm somewhat dying of flu right now.
  13. Soviet Disunion (The Sign-up)

    Talking of stamina, it is interesting how my Kyrgyz beast has a natural fitness of 16 and a stamina of 4...
  14. Soviet Disunion (The Sign-up)

    My guy aint half bad