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  1. I had an issue with Copa Sudamericana. I'm Lanus, I got 9th on Superliga and should have qualified to Sudamericana. Instead I got a couple of interesting things to happen: 1) I had one more game to play and my striker complained about breaking the promise of getting into international competitions, this was right as I was out then, but the Superliga wasn't clearly over. 2) I won the last game, and got the message about qualifying. 3) I went over all the management talks for a new contract and vision, and they mentioned specifically the cup and objectives (I think 3rd round). 4) New year went by, and somehow I'm not even in Sudamericana Preliminary Round, and EVERYTHING I search ingame, points to I'm becoming schizophrenic because... this never happened. For the game, I never qualified to Sudamericana, something must have snapped after new year. Sadly, the rolling saves are very recent, so I just uploaded my current save, I hope there is something to see, maybe "under the hood", as I don't think anyone will find any reference to me classifying into the cup haha. Nicolas Alvargonzalez - Unemployed is the name of the savegame (from december 2nd). Thank you!
  2. Awesome! I was afraid of continuing the game as didn't know if it was going to massively fail at the end of the year if somehow the cup needs to be played twice at the same time next year, LOL. Thank you!
  3. Thanks for the quick response, I have just uploaded my save game: Nicolas Alvargonzalez - Unemployed
  4. I'm having the same issue as KingShearer95, currently playing with Estudiantes de la Plata in ~2025, and the second draw of Sudamericana Cup is never done, date keeps moving forward day after day (the same for the estimated draw date for the remaining rounds) and at this rate it won't be played this year, and I don't know what's going to happen next year. It wont draw on vacation mode, it's the same result, draw date gets moved forward alongside the regular day change.
  5. First game, my keeper kicks the ball twice to the midfield, from one side of the area, two goals from midfield. Rossi misses two penalties for my team (one of them hitting a lob like Zidane or Abreu, first time I see that). They got one midfielder sent of and I end shoting 20 times, 8 clear cuts. The match ended 2-2. Bad luck, I will keep playing a little, I don't believe it will happen every time.
  6. With the patched ME I have seen three own goals (in less than ten matche) in which the central defender goes back to get the ball and the keeper goes forward, and for a strange reason the defender always get the ball "passed" to goal.. I haven't seen a similar own goal in two and a half years of prepatch ME. Other than that, I don't see much problem with the new ME, I had to make some really small player adjustements, stuff like long shots on strikers that prepatch didn't shot from long range, and now seem to shot a lot from outside.
  7. When I play on the desktop pc (1680x1050), I love to have a lot of gadgets open in the 3d view, as I like to know my players rating, motivation, the opponent formation, and sometimes, the live table. I put all the gadgets at the bottom of the screen, and they rarely block the match view. The problem is that I can't do that when I play in the notebook (1366x768) because the resolution is too small. I have to keep pausing the game, opening the gadgets, and then closing them, and restarting the game. It would be awesome, to auto show/hide the gadgets when you pause the game, or have a key combination to do that. Also, it would be good, that when you minimize the gadgets, they would go to the bottom of the screen, and when maximized they would go back to it's position.
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