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  1. Anyone else having a lot of problem with shots hitting the woodwork? I have been hitting the woodwork at least once every other game. Average out to be more than once a game the whole season. That seems like quite a lot.
  2. Is there a bug with setting Long Throw In instructions? No matter what I set it to, my player will only play it short to a waiting player when I did not set any player to come get the ball. Also, I noticed that the AI never mark the player receiving the throw-in and instead all crowd inside the penalty box. This allows my player to get the ball and make a run towards the Opponents penalty area unopposed.
  3. Love this thread but have a quick question regarding your conversions chances. In the Crystal Palace match you showed that you have 5 Clear Cut chances and 8 Half Chances but only managed to score 2 goals. Is this due to you having crappy strikers or is it due to the fact that you only create "one type" of chances that were mentioned all the time?
  4. In this case where can I ask this? Can't find a stupid questions thread for the main forum and don't think I should clutter up the main forum with a thread for this simple question.
  5. I have a stupid and silly question that might not be too related to tactics. In previous FM when you create a note on a player there will be a small orange/yellow box beside the player name. How do I do this for FM14? I usually buy tons of young players and will create a note to let me know which one is promising and stuff, so when my assistant play them in U18 and stuff I can just glance and tell whether he is playing my promising youth player or not. Now it seems I am not able to have the small box beside the name.
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