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  1. Great stuff as per usual. May I ask how much of this applies to FM14 as well? I mean, I know there are FM15 specific roles and such and the ME must have undergone some changes but I'd imagine most of it should still hold true for 14 too? Cheers.
  2. Tried DLF and dribble more but found that they tended to drift into wide areas a bit too much for my liking. Even tried adding hold position but didn't really seem to help. Will give CF and Treq a go. Thanks.
  3. So, basically, I want my strikers to receive the ball at their feet in central areas and run at the opposition CBs. What roles and instructions should I use to best achieve this? Thanks.
  4. But in that very same thread and post, you state that: "As I'm focusing on youth development with the aim of developing/buying cheap and selling for (hopefully) big money then player personality is a big part of what I'm trying to achieve. So for this I need players who I know will train hard and give it their all. What determines this is not determination, that is a misconception amongst the community, what you need to look for in a player is an indication of the hidden attribute professionalism. Ambition wouldn't hurt either but ultimately it is professionalism that determines how well a player applies himself in training." To me, it seems that you clearly suggest that, while ambition is nice to have, it's not essential in terms of player development. Now you say that it is just as important. Could you please elaborate on these attributes a bit more perhaps?
  5. Why is there a 'Cross less often' player instruction if it doesn't do a thing? I don't want to play a crossing game, and therefore always apply it to my wide players; yet they take every opportunity to cross the ball, even when they have loads of space to take on a defender/cut in or some good passing options available. It's infuriating.
  6. Absolutely. But if I set it up in any other way than park-the-bus mode, I'll be beaten silly by the AI's 4231 Denmark. I've used the 4-1-4-1 to great effect in terms of attacking, possession play and domination, just simply not against the 4231. Unless I set up to do nothing but negate the oppo's play, I'll be picked apart by the 4231 Denmark. That's what I was trying to say, sorry if it wasn't quite clear.
  7. I've tried using a 4-1-4-1 and a 4-4-1-1 most recently. The problem with the latter is that it has no DMC and the opposition AM will simply run riot. The former is somewhat better but only if my sole intention is killing the oppo's game. But that's a very dangerous tactic, inviting pressure all game long whilst not attempting to play any meaningful football on my part. I'd prefer not to resort to that. Either way, FBs are completely useless for me in defense (they can't track runs or mark someone to save their lives, and concede corners relentlessly) and will need extra protection from the WMs. Unless I assign my WMs to specifically man mark the oppo AML/Rs, I'm going to get beaten badly. Should I try going with a back 3 or 5 with wingbacks or something of the sort?
  8. How the hell does one deal with the 4231 Denmark? It's just silly, really. The front 4 and midfield puts my defence under insane pressure and I simply cannot build from the back. CBs and FBs alike keep punting the ball forward aimlessly, or even worse clearing it towards the sidelines. I have defenders with great composure and generally good passing and vision and yet they just hoof it aimlessly... I've tried playing a shorter game, I've tried going more direct, but it's the same every time. It doesn't help that the GK distribution is generally horrendous on the game. Also, the front 4 is insane in possession as well. They keep making brilliant runs all game long totally bamboozling and bypassing my defenders. I have found AMR/Ls are simply impossible to mark effectively. I tried doubling up on them by using WMs on specific marking, I've tried cutting out the supply, but then the AMC will run riot instead. I could try playing deep, putting everyone behind the ball, essentially parking the bus and hope for the best... But that's just asking for a 90th minute lucky corner goal really... I'm really out of ideas at the moment.
  9. I sold that disloyal, money grubbing, overrated fat face (=rooney) the first chance I got. :o Welbeck has been doing all right for me so far, but then that's not surprising as he is the type of striker I usually have success with. When RvP was out injured, I played to Danny's strengths by employing a fast, direct, almost gung-ho attacking game. I don't imagine that would work with RvP though. I mean it probably would to a cerain extent but then what I want is RvP to flourish and be the main man. I've been experimenting with Kagawa, Mata and Januzaj behind Van Persie in the (A)ML/R and AMC positions. Trouble is, I cannot get my wide players (be it AML/R or simply ML/R) to play how I want them to. The idea would be to play a short-passing game with lots of movement from the front 4, focussing on the quality rather than the quantity of chances. Whatever settings I apply, however, wide players act dumb. From the ML/R strata, their passing is horrendous; even if I instruct them to play a shorter passing game and to play fewer risky passes, they'll still try to play idiotic long balls and through balls when there are at least 2 or 3 simple options on. With them gifting the opposition possession all the time, it's really difficult to play decent football. From the AML/R strata, they refuse to do any defensive work which leaves me very vulnerable on the flanks. Also, I just can't seem to get the right kind of movement from Van Persie. Whatever role I give him, he's all over the place unless I apply the hold position PI. But if I do that, he seems to stop making any runs altogether.
  10. The point is that I'm willing to shape my whole team around him. I don't need him to fit into a general approach or an overall setup, I would be more than happy to build those around him. Like I've said, I've been good with all-round strikers with great physique (think Mitrovic a few years into the game) but am clueless at the moment as to how to get the best out of someone like Van Persie. His stats are obvious enough to everybody, I guess; he's got outrageously good technical and mental stats. His first touch, finishing, technique and movement are the highlights for me (18+ all of them). His physical stats are okay, but nothing to write home about.
  11. How do you get the best out of someone like Van Persie? I've had a lot success with strikers of a more physical nature (pacey + strong + decent technical attributes), but haven't really managed to make RvP run riot so far. What kind of football should I play, which formation, which role? I really want to make it work with him.
  12. Never seen anything like that in any FM before. Well, I won in the end, so not a big deal but kinda odd still.
  13. Another thing: wingers and fullbacks now crossing mindlessly. I saw there were complaints with regard to the previous ME in terms of crossing: wide players got into great positions but then refused to cross. While that was true to a certain extent, it was still more managable than what I am seeing now. Wide players crossing from everywhere. It doesn't matter if I tell them through PI's to cross only from the byline or to cross less, they just keep trying to pump it into the box. They have options, players in open space to pass to, space to run into, but no, they just cross it... I suppose there is no way of "downgrading" back to the previous ME? I get zero enjoyment from the latest one unfortunately. I'll keep trying but this may be the end of FM14 for me.
  14. I haven't. Another thing I've noticed is that passes tend to get intercepted very easily now on quite a few occasions. It's as if players had absolutely no idea what's around them. Now this would be fine with players who have low mental stats, especially anticipation, but I've seen it happen to players with quite good mental stats. Prior to the patch, what would happen was that players knew what was happening around them and actually moved towards the ball. To give an example: Say my fullback wants to pass to my wide man. My winger seems free to receive the ball with his marker not marking him tightly. Instead of actually moving towards the ball, the winger stops in his tracks, though, allowing the oppo. fullback to intercept the pass. It's happening to me quite often now. Really weird. On the previous ME, in similar situations my players got the ball first but then would be tackled if they took a poor first touch or had no real options to play the ball. And that was completely fine as far as I'm concerned.
  15. This patch appears to have ruined the game for me. Nonsensical goals from impossible angles, constant giveaways from my team and the AI as well, strange passing choices, fullbacks and marking in general being even worse than before, etc. I thought the previous ME, while not being perfect, was rather good but this new one has been a complete shambles for me so far. I watch full games, so I'm not relying on mere, occasional highlights to make this judgement. Do I need to start a new save maybe for the new ME to take full effect? I guess this is a pretty dumb notion to entertain... but I'm getting very frustrated with the game right now.
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