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  1. I love this post, purely because you've mentioned Mike Flynn who was my childhood hero. And I'm a Stockport fan
  2. For what this thread is concerning? Wasn't really having a go at Dec, just saying that someone might want an official answer and should not be called a time waster for it
  3. Don't leave us all in suspense! I want to know your idea!
  4. Sorry to send the thread off course again, but IMO no one should be told they are "wasting people's time" when they are asking on the official forum. For what it's worth, I consider the official forum the place to get better answers and more attention due to the staff members of SI that post here and because its the official forum.
  5. Had a quick search but couldn't find anything relevant - Apologies if i missed an existing thread. Generally on previous FM games my players fitness generally hasn't been an issue (except for old players, really young players, coming back from injury etc...) On FM10 i seem to struggle keeping my players in a good condition without resting players for 2 days after every game. If i don't rest them in between games they generally have a condition level of around 85-90%. Even when i do rest my players they cannot last more than 60 minutes without dropping below 70%. Any tips? p.s. Sorry if it doesn't make complete sense - i've had a long day
  6. I could however, see Fabregas or Van Persie moving abroad if the club finished as low as 9th. No Champions League football would be a massive loss for someone with his ability.
  7. Ok, just thought i'd throw my thoughts into this thread, i've read it through and im siding with the majority for reasons mentioned by other posters. I don't want to start the realism argument again just because it doesn't seem to be sinking in (and the whole 'bribery' argument is invalid as it has been proven by people in the know that it cant be included for legal reasons). To start with, i'm all for everyone getting what they want from the game, but for one person to have his enhancement request granted when he is the only person that seems to want it in the game is a tad ridiculous. It doesn't seem logical to make changes to the game just for the sake of a very small amount of people. Please the majorities if you ask me. Taking away resources, no matter how many, from other parts of the game just to please one person (as it seems in this case) doesn't make sense, and i can see the FM developers having the same opinion. Although i am not a developer myself, i do work with them and if an enhancement request doesn't seem like a sensible use of resources (i.e. this case) then it will be rejected.
  8. FMHVibe - Feel FMH

    I prefer it here... Getting tired of endless sites being created. Im all for fan sites but its a bit excessive.
  9. Would it be possible to have a clear all option in the shortlist?
  10. resume control?

    Why does it do this? I have never come across it before, just interested to know.
  11. @M - I saw your pitch invasion at the end Looking at your goals again and there was some very lucky ones. One was offside, one was potentially a foul an another was a deflection. However you scored a couple of screamers aswell. Do you think that you will win promotion? Against the teams also in the playoffs?
  12. Yeah, I went. Was in the Armoury in Stockport before the game with a mate, we were heavily outnumbered. Your fans were quite good tbh, chatting with a few before and after the game... Didn't expect to win the game but 6-0 was horrible. We have a team full of 17, 18 and 19 year olds who clearly aren't ready. Fair play to your lads though, deserved your win. Did it professionally.
  13. Fair enough, just thought 2011 and patches should be seperate
  14. I'd like to be able to swap players on the pitch view. I.e. Swap the left winger and right winger by dragging the positions on the pitch