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  1. ledi

    The Pre order update thread.......

    My paid digital preorder is still completely missing on shopto website. WHYYYY it's always me who has these kind of problems with preorders. Remember having similar issues with FM10, ending up having to wait for over a week after release date.
  2. ledi

    The Pre order update thread.......

    My Orders page says "No orders to display." and on the summary page there's "Pending orders: 0"
  3. ledi

    The Pre order update thread.......

    I'm a bit worried.. For some reason my paid preorder from Shopto (digital download version) has disappeared completely from my account at the website. And they haven't even bothered to send me an email notification or anything. Grawhh. Customer support seems awful.
  4. DISCLAIMER: The following post is very much subjective, maybe even a little bit of a rant. I just felt like having to post my feelings, it's been my most loved series of games after all. Don't expect anything too constructive. You've all seen this post before (played for long, now bored, need something -type). You've been warned Yeah. I've been playing this game for well over a decade, soon 15 years actually. I've seen all the big transitions (CM2->3->4) and kept playing for years and years. Lately, though, it seems I've finally hit the point, where I'm starting to get a little bit bored of the series. It's a great game, don't get me wrong, but for the last few years the changes have been mostly superficial, the underlying mechanics haven't evolved all that much. The match engine and user interface has improved alot, but things like player interaction and f.e. the attributes that affect player development remain largely the same. FM11 brought little tweaks to training here and there, but really, it was mostly minor tweaks and an updated interface to the old system. At least that's the impression I got. The last couple of versions have honestly felt like playing the previous games with user interface upgrades and prettier match experience (both aspects have been more than welcome, though!). When I've started a new game, I'm already familiar with most of the things. I know exactly what I'm supposed to do with player development, how to handle different personalities in my team, how to spot upcoming youngsters most efficiently as possible. Basically it's become a routine for me. I don't even remember when was the last time my squad harmony dropped below 70-80% after the first season or two. Once you get the hang of building a squad, it's rather easy to keep everyone happy and get consistent results season after season. Some kind of major overhaul for player interaction would be the first thing on my wishlist. I'm not saying that because there's something clearly wrong with the game, I'm just getting a little too experienced in the game in it's current state. I miss the save games from older versions where I made mistakes, and couldn't keep performing consistently like I'm mostly doing nowadays (mostly because of squad harmony & morales dropping, which lead to me messing up way too much with tactics). I would like to lose again and have major problems with my squad morale. Last few versions have been purely about getting the tactics right, and I don't find it as rewarding as it used to be. I'm wondering is anyone else having similar feelings? I'm personally considering a longer break from the game, it may be just me getting burned out after all.
  5. Minor thing: I'd like to see more statistics for goals conceded (how many from free kicks, corners etc.)
  6. Prefer the FM10 version of the skin tbh. The New one just seems a bit bland to me. Other than that, I have no complaints and it's looking promising all-around! Cheers. Off to play some more ->
  7. Running on GeForce 8800GTS 320MB, and for some reason it's quite frankly a little jerky when playing in some big stadiums (Emirates, Bernabeu etc.). I'm hoping the ME is a little better optimised in FM11, since I believe my computer easily matches the requirements. Windows 7, 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo and 3GB of RAM, with the most recent display drivers.
  8. The beautiful thing about FM is precisely that there aren't clear cut answers to how to play the game. There's almost always multiple correct (or wrong) answers to any given thing in the game, which is why the debates are still going on, and why people who aren't necessarily that interested in experimenting are willing to go so far in hopes of finding a guide for winning. It would just ruin the game if SI gave out every detail indepth and thus gave away the correct answers, which is partly why it's necessary for the manual to be a bit vague like that. And is also why SI needs to be careful about protecting their IP. Experimenting really makes the game, for me at least. The downside of this is obviously that it generates a market for guides like the FMB premium ones. There's always people who only care about winning in the game the easy way. It can be quite profitable, as proved by the so called "Free-to-play" MMORPGs in recent years. FMB just exploited this, which is fine with me actually, as I don't mind if someone needs to buy someone else's opinions about the game. However it's not fine when they market it the way FMB has done (especially taking advance of the title of beta tester - who are under signed NDA and thus shouldn't be allowed to sell their information), but blah blahblah.. I'll stop here again before it gets repeated way too many times EDIT: Almost forgot the training part. Apologies if I'm going off-topic too much! I agree it could be easier to understand and less of a hassle, and that's exactly what they are doing for FM11. There's going to be default schedules for defenders, midfielders, attackers etc. I believe, and also the new features. It's not really rocket science right now though, all training seems to do (here's my opinion) is affect the weighting of attributes when player gets better. Does your striker need to improve his finishing? Easy, put him into a more intensive shooting training schedule. Of course it may lead to lesser improvemens in other key areas or make them even degrade at some areas if they don't have the potential ability to improve anymore in general. It's just a balancing act, the real ability improvement comes mainly from matches from what I've read and seen. Of course, I may be wrong, which is where I would point towards my first sentence of this post.
  9. There's nothing wrong in selling a guide. However, when it's made and advertised using inside info that isn't supposed to be available for sale, it's a whole different story. If they want to continue selling their guides, then fine, but there's just no point in attacking SI - when all they are doing is protecting their non-released intellectual property, and thus denying the beta access. Which is really all SI did here. And they even gave FMB the option to stay in beta. Their choice to leave. It's most definitely not SI's problem if FMB can't continue producing premium continent without wwfan or beta access. But yeah, this has been said many times already.. I don't really have anything more constructive to say, so meh. I Just dislike the way the email was written enough to feel the need to post anyway.
  10. So, they made £8000+ out of this guide.. guess it was worth it for them even if it's shot down by SI now.
  11. Some great ideas in this thread! I would love to have some more control for youth development, as it's something that really keeps you involved in longer games. My wish for the longest time has been an introduction of 13-15 year olds (even if they all are newgens).
  12. ledi


    The visible message is only really for the PPM part of tutoring. The biggest advantage of tutoring - adjustment of mental attributes (towards mentor), especially the hidden ones like professionalism - isn't really shown anywhere. Keep an eye out for player personality changes and the determination attribute. However, if it was a success, you should see all the tutored player attributes increase far more quickly, especially so if the mentor was a top player with a good personality. Be careful when choosing mentors though, as it can also hinder the youths development if his hidden attributes (personality) + determination aren't good.
  13. Well, the players from the big four European countries (Germans, English, Spanish and Italians) tend to rarely move aboad and choose to play for their own leagues.. Players from other countries seem to go after the best chance to win/biggest contract in general. Obviously there are exceptions, but that's really the big picture I think. I suppose there could be a hidden attribute like patriotism, which could bias the player's country preference (and the importance of national matches for the guy).. But it should be a secondary effect IMO - reputation + money + chance to win continental competitions should come first. (Or at least the hidden attribute should be very high before it overrides these things.)
  14. Great post, and agreed on pretty much everything (except I don't find team talks random at all, it's all about knowing your player personalities and adjusting accordingly really). As for player progression I've noticed tutoring makes a huge difference, as it affects the hidden mental attributes (such as professionalism) massively. Newgens tend to have some very bad weaknesses in these naturally, so it's important to keep hold of your veterans for mentoring purposes, and make use of the feature as early as possible! In my current game I have an 18 year old left wing back playing at 7.20 average ratings real consistently in the Premier League. Less than a year ago he was just a nervous kid who couldn't perform at all, but being tutored by Steven Hammell (36) and Phil Bardsley (33) did the job. Thank you Scotland
  15. ledi


    Sell players you don't need, and think twice when buying more (do I really need him? Is there going to be too much competition? etc.). Avoid too long contracts for rotation/backup players. Try to keep your first team small enough so that everyone gets to play at least 15-20 games in a season (My best 17+ youngsters tend to play in 20-30 matches a season, most of them usually as a substitute of course). Players aged over 20 will often start to complain if they are stuck in the reserves for long periods, which destroys team harmony very fast. I follow a simple rule: only two first team players per position + a decent youngster for most important positions (goalkeeper, centre backs, midfielders, forwards). With cups there should be enough matches to play every first team player in about 30 matches or so. Don't be afraid to rotate tired players, even if your second option isn't as good. The season is long, especially in English lower leagues. Good harmony and gelling helps with bad streaks, morale keeps up way easier when everyone gets to play and is happy in general.