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  1. Pp / pk

    Very player specific tactic, not all teams do this - but I like the idea of maybe an option in the tactics screen. Training a forward in a defensive position makes very little sense for hockey. It just doesn't happen. At most, it could be like a player PPM (FM-speak) that could benefit a forward to play defense, or a defenseman to screen the goalie on the PP.
  2. Not that I disagree, but deals at the trade deadline are difficult to truly value, because most times there is a premium on specific types of trades, and also most trades are situational, based on a teams position in the standings (hence the term "rental player"). Example - a team that is expected to make the playoffs, might give up a 2nd round draft pick for a depth player, if it feels it makes sense for a playoff run, but come summer time, specifically around the draft, teams place a much higher premium on draft picks in late June, when that same depth player might only command a 4th round pick. I'd be curious to know how EHM model's this, and if the AI's draft pick valuation dynamically changes as the trade deadline approaches, and its position in the standings. And then how it changes again in June.
  3. #4 - Draft stuff It depends on what your time horizon is for incorporating young players into the lineup? Outside of the top-ten, it is realistic that these players do not immediately dress in the NHL. Even top-ten players aren't always NHL ready and shouldn't always be expected to. It's more likely a development issue if you never see a single 2nd round pick or later ever dress for a game by the time they are 22ish. Admittedly, I haven't played long enough to judge how this plays out.
  4. (NHL) training camp

    Yes, I know. That is what I meant by my post. Thanks for clarifying - "Limit" was the wrong word to use.
  5. Youth Development

    Just as an aside, if you're playing in the NHL it is very rare to find any good players from unusual countries. IRL, only four countries play a significant role in developing NHL talent: Canada, USA, Russia and Sweden. Not far behind is Finland (known for developing quality goaltenders) and to a lesser extent, Czech Rep. Outside of these six countries, it's likely rare to find any quality players. Keep this in mind when you're setting up you're scouts. I will focus my best scouts on these 6 countries, and will let scouting the NHL Entry draft fill in any promising Latvian, Slovak, Belorussian, Swiss, or Danish U-18 players. If you're unfamiliar with the NHL Draft system, just know that it is very important to set your best scouts on NHL Entry Draft. NCAA is a bit different, and many promising young players' rights are not owned by an NHL team until after they complete their college program - after which they can be signed. I haven't tried signing any college players in the early release version so not sure of its exact mechanics just yet. Around December, be sure to send some of your best scouts to watch the U-20 world championships.
  6. (NHL) training camp

    The auto-invite would be nice, but remember in the NHL it works differently for professionals and juniors. Professionals, its not so much as a "try out" as it is actually being called up to the NHL team, after which they would need to be sent back to the minors (clear waivers in some cases) To make training camp more meaningful and easier to use, my suggestions: - edit lines (blue/red teams) to try out pairings. - have more sortable statistics (or filters) to help judge who to cut (customizable screens would help with this) - more of a bug* currently in the scrimmage stats page, I don't think you can right click on a player and then "action>send to___" - it would be nice if juniors weren't sent immediately back to juniors after training camp, to allow for more exhibition game time, without offering a contract. (question - does EHM model the 10 game limit for rookies?) - "minutes played" option (like international friendlies in FM) > would especially be helpful for camps/exhibition games where you would like to rotate through goalies - split squad exhibition games - tactics familiarity (like FM) would tie into pre-season games. Not sure if this is currently modeled in game.
  7. To what extent does the AI coach change his own tactics? I have chosen to act solely as the GM and am wondering if I need to change team tactics, or does the AI coach choose his own set of tactics based on his personal play style? Suggestion: It would be nice if we could offer play style suggestions to our AI coach in the same manner as FM where the board makes suggestions to the human manager.
  8. Isn't that what creative freedom does?
  9. Is it possible to create a high-pressing, defensive tactic? There have been numerous threads started which attempt to replicate a Dortmund/Southampton style of play, and it seems every tactic selects an attacking philosophy in order to take advantage of players positioning themselves higher up the pitch. But would it be possible to create a similar style of play, in which players "think" defense first, yet with a combination of team instructions position themselves in such a way as to limit space in the oppositions defensive third, by using a defensive philosophy? Would it be counter intuitive? The issue with defensive or counter philosophies in this case is that players tend sit deeper rather than push up, but in my minds eye, I like the idea of my players "thinking" defensively. That is, having a defensive "mentality." I know this topic has been exhausted and discussed to great lengths already, but was just curious if anyone has tried anything different. Edit - I'm thinking of Strategy, not philosophy :o
  10. I may or may not have tried to hide my notes dating back to FM 2006 in a notebook titled "monthly budget" to keep it from the wife... When she found out I was immediately the coolest person EVER! NOT! But I'm okay with that. At least she hasn't found my many excel spreadsheets.
  11. Honestly, I'm not too sure when I made the tweak, so can't pin point it exactly but I'm sure it was around around the Wolves or Everton match. Notice how many touches Torres gets in his most recent stretch, and the tear he is on compared to the 15-20 games ago. Also, not that its a huge indicator, but notice Torres' assists and key passes and number of passes compared to earlier in the season. I noticed my strikers running with the ball too much, leaving themselves no option but to take long shots, rather than turn and play the ball off to a support player. Since then, My strikers wait till their within lethal range before making an attempt, and play the ball off more to support the attack. Take it for what its worth, but its been working for me.
  12. I've made only one tweak to the tactic, and its proved exceptionally lethal for me. I changed the ST run with ball from "always" to "mixed". Instead of my striker turning towards goal and running himself into a trap all of the time, he'll play more balls back to the AMC or lead defenders away from the back line while my wingers slip in behind for a through ball. Also, both ST and AMC have the PPM "plays one-two's" so they play some beautiful one-two passes just outside of the opposition box, usually resulting in my ST being one on one with the goalie. Set pieces I'm using this year's FM11 corner bug, and have doubled the rest of the competitions goals from corners, so that helps a lot. Otherwise, great tactic and best one I've used this year.
  13. nakS has emailed me a very interesting excel file and has done some excellent research. I see he hasn't released any of his findings yet, but he's done some good work analyzing the AI choices when it comes to startign strategy. Maybe he'll drop by with a word or two. Sorry nakS i haven't been able to reply to your PM, this is the first time I've really had a chance to even look at FM forums.
  14. Hey guys, i've been following the thread as much as possible. Have had a lot of things going on with and haven't been able to play at all in over a month. Great to see some of the new contributions.
  15. In my next season, I'am going to try and create a spreadsheet and follow the different tactics the AI uses throughout the season. The plan will be to follow a big club like Man U, a mid table club and a club looking to battle relegation, and also a club that plays with a "very fluid" mentality as it seems they employ different strategies for defensive ties. Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome. Anybody else who has been copying tactics can that can add some input, please do so. My hope is that I can narrow the copying of tactics down to a couple sliders so I can quickly figure out strategy and roles, without spending a lot of time looking through every slider. eg. Mentality = philosophy and starting strategy Run from deep = difference between CM and ST Wide play = Wide players. Anyways, I hope to set up a spread sheet to analyze a full AI season... any input is welcome.