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  1. What I don't get is why would you deliberately show someone onto their stronger foot? Surely showing onto weaker foot is always what you do.
  2. STEAM sales active now

    You do need a code through steam, if you press next with no product key in it doesn't let you any further.
  3. 8 out of 10 cats play FM

    Yup, he's in Shortlist mag talking about it as well.
  4. STEAM sales active now

    Now the wait for the product key! Poor blokes at Sega must be on the prozac by now.
  5. STEAM sales active now

    Up now! Awesome stuff!
  6. STEAM sales active now

    Unreleased in Scotland despite reboot.
  7. I love Steam as a delivery platform but this does raise the question guys is if other people can buy it for less before launch day and get it authenticated to use all the steam functions AND have a solid disk then why even offer digital distribution to us?
  8. In Game Advertising

    Nice, thanks for clearing that up.
  9. Steam

    Nope, you can play it offline so long as you have Steam installed.
  10. Release date cahnge on steam

    Same here in the UK.
  11. Steam

    Same here.
  12. FM Club

    Good stuff
  13. Apart from 3d

    I agree, 3d isn't for me this year and without it's cracking. Bit too difficult though, but all FM demo's are tough.
  14. No, I support the devs in trying to fight piracy.