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  1. From what I saw the other day it could be based on Preston? However, I've gone back to FM12 for now, 13 just won't respond to the tactics I want to use at all, players just won't do as asked.
  2. Firstly, thanks for the hard work as ever, it's not easy getting things right. Constructive comments then on the new patch. I agree with long shots, too many of them and a bit of an issue fixing that at the moment. Passing wise it has improved, my tactics now translate better with that, in that my midfield will now try and pass it shorter, dictate possession and play how I'd like them too. Not enough through balls I'd say, it's not far off but it's just slightly too low, they don't have to connect, but they aren't attempting them enough either and that's a bit of an issue with the way I'm set up, as it thrives on through balls. It's getting there, but the long shots issue is a weakness IMO.
  3. I've been a bit hit and miss but I'm slowly I think figuring out my mistakes. I think we need moreso than ever before to bring in players to fit our team (makes it a tougher ask to get going) and how we want to play. EG I just played Sheff Wednesday with a more rigid approach and the weakness was my players up front didn't move enough. Switched to a more standard, fluid approach I think works better as there's more movement solving my problem. It's a WIP but I think it will eventually get right. As for these 'bugs' spoken of, some are, some though are just genuine mistakes from players, they need character not robotic tendencies, my keeper Gary Woods just misplaced a kick horribly, given I watch him every week I'd call that realism not a bug.
  4. My only grumble with this one is that I used to always use the team stats page that still exists and shows all my players' passing, tackles, shots etc. This in game gave me loads of stats. It's still there but I used to like reviewing that between highlights and then it would automatically switch to the pitch tab for the highlight then back again, I miss this function as it was a very good way of seeing both without potentially missing something.
  5. Ambitious, Level Headed, Perfectionist Man Management 8 Working With Youngsters 14 Adaptability 5 Judging Player Ability 12 Judging Player Potential 17 Level of Discipline 13 Motivating 16 Tactical Knowledge 18
  6. It's about having the right strategy. Get in lots of 18-21 year olds on free transfers at lower levels and then sell them for cash, then replace with more frees. Good way to make money. Then if you're good in management you'll win enough games for a good cup run. It is tough but not impossible. I've taken Hendon from BSS to the Prem using this method, I didn't even spend one fee until I reached the Prem and even there I've made 18M of profit so far in my first season, ploughing cash into facilities as we didn't even have a stadium, it's good fun actually and feels like an achievement. I'm also 8th so it can be done. Prime example is this guy....
  7. They do, I've just moved into a new ground at Hendon which co-incided with promotion to the Championship, 5800 capacity (I was selling out every game at Wembley FC 4000 capacity) but it only had 1400 seats meaning most of the ground is closed, the finances are now awful, how do I solve this, does the game resolve it or what? I'm actually doing well in the CHampionship aswell.
  8. This has just happened to me, they appointed a guy with an obscure rating, 66 and hasn't even managed a club before, rather weird. I've just resigned after 2 years in charge after I lost in the final of the Euros. More out of frustration of 5 of my players getting injured after the semi either in training or in the first half of the final - my whole midfield in fact.
  9. I paid 100M which is nothing like what I'd normally ever pay. But as I've got the Man City job in my career game then why not? Him down the right Hazard down the left.
  10. I have him as a left winger where he is immense, worth paying anything for (I just turned down 47M). Really suits my tactic, I have him on the left, Gotze down the right and Milner/Hamsik through the middle.
  11. It is very realistic. Anyone who's into Championship football will be familiar with it. For example as I support the second smallest club at Championship level, we find it tough getting good loans in. We now have Matt Kilgallon who is costing a large loan fee and big wages to have on loan (and he's been crap). It is more realistic this way but much more difficult.
  12. Cheers - Bit weird that given all I did was change the team's name.
  13. Bit stuck, done nothing complicated swapped in my local team Armthorpe and renamed them into the BSN. But they're not in some of the cups, I thought they would be given it was a swap of an existing team... Any ideas? I've played a season and still not been entered bit of a ballache if I have to start again...
  14. In my game, Phelan succeeded SAF. Louis Saha manages Rotherham, Danny Murphy is managing Bolton. Benitez returned to Liverpool, Laudrup is at City and Moyes is at Arsenal.
  15. Zola at West Ham? Dennis Wise at Millwall? Gary Speed to Wales? Plenty of examples really of players going straight into management in good jobs.