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  1. Not sure if this is in the right place but in the player of season why is it only players who play DC that get selected?
  2. Still doing this will update soon. Battling it out for promotion from serie b in my 5th season. Will probably look to take national team job soon too. Still annoying that all my youth players that are good leave and that the board still won't invest in facilities.
  3. I'm doing this. Season one ended up third as I just could not score. My midfield were tidy but not creative enough, defence really solid though. Season two I strengthened signing the league top scorer herlein and a few solid loan players (cori from fiorentina) up front who was superb. The key thing was changing the whole midfield and it worked. Won the league quite comfortably. Frustratingly the really good Regens that came in got largely picked off as my board post takeover take pathetic bids due to finances. The top striker went to watford for 1k, so annoying as he went strai
  4. On a similar vein in my San Marino game my owner is accepting bids of around 1k for good Regens due to financial status. Clearly that will make no difference and is clearly under valued. Even more frustrating if I then offer one of these players out clubs are bidding 40k easily. Seems a little flawed or is there another reason? Perhaps my chairwoman is just stupid?
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