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  1. Fairly younger player in a new country, he will take some time to settle in to the country and the style of play. As I mentioned above, I bought Ramagnoli to my Wolves squad and he wasn't exactly doing what I expect a £35m defneder to do in his first six months! Be pateient with him...
  2. Not had him in FM16 but have had him in previous versions and he was an absolute beast. I would buy him in my current game but I have Romagnoli in that position. For around £5m in the SPL, definitely worth it.
  3. No dramas Exactly! I've got Sale and on mine (in 2020) he's 14/17/13, but his Attacking is 18 and Technical 17, which makes him a 4.5* coach. It's all about having a play around with the stats, you'll find some good coaches. Don't forget things like Adaptability (if they're not from the same country as the league you're playing in) or Working with Youngsters (if not for first team) though. Any suggestions for Attacking coaches? I've got myself, Mike Jolley and Juca as 4.5* coaches, everyone else I find is 4*, max.
  4. I have a couple of coaches who DDM stats are lower than 15 in one area but are higher in the other two, so the 18/18/13 might be a decent rough guide, and possibly help you find better coaches. The higher the total for those three the better the coach will be (obviously they need to have high stats for each coaching area as well), but it's not good if a coach had 20 for Attackiing and Technical only to have a combined total of 19 for DDM. Finding coahces with 15+ in ALL of those categories (in this example, DDM, Attacking and Technical) is extremely difficult. I have my DDM stats set to a minimum of 10 and then have the specific training area stats at 15. All my first team coaches are at least 4.5* and a couple of 5* (in fitness and goalkeeping). I did keep Riekerink in the end, mainly for hid Judging stats and the fact he knows the current squad. Oliveira isn't at United, he was a free agent so the graphic was red because he's Portuguese. Might get him as a regular coach, let his stats increase and then maybe promote him in the future
  5. I read it somewher that your own stats can help in negotiations, but I can't remember where I read it! I think it's something like Level of Discipline, like if a player has a problem (lack of game time, for example), he's more likely to back down if your LoD is higher. The previous relationship with the agent is definitely a factor, if they hate you they want more money for themself and for the player and won't stick around as long a if they like you. But at the moment the agents of my youth players have no relationship with me! The players will listen to me if I suggest getting rid of the agent, but I just don't know how to ask them to do it! At the moment my only idea is to give them first team game time and wait for the agent to ask for a new contract and THEN get the player to sack him. I have a stance of not giving in to agents, and I've cancelled talks with some big players because of agents. The parasites!
  6. Thoughts on this guy as Assistant Manager? I currenly have Riekerink: Basically, Riekerink has good AM stats as defined by the game areas highlighted, but is a terrible coach (3.5* is his higest level of training) and Oliverira looks to be more of an all rounder. Stick or twist?
  7. We all hate them, the money grabbing, no good vermin, but how do we get rid of them? I know that if an agent asks for a player to get a new contract you can ask the player to sack the agent, but there used to be an option to speak to the player at any point in the season and suggest they sack the agent, has this gone? I currently have agents trying to dry hump me over new contracts for youngsters who haven't even played a first team game yet. Don't even get me started on established first team player agents... I know that some of your own manager attributes can be of benefit in negotiations, but which ones are they and how do we boost them? (Apologies if this thread doesn't belong here but I did a search for "agent" and all the threads that came back we junk threads) Cheers
  8. He doesn't need tutoring really, already pretty beastly!
  9. When you're in staff search you can change the option for results shown. Generally it will be set to show those interested in a first team role, but you can change it to show those who would be interested in working with U21s or U18s. They're not as high quality (as you'd expect) and in my experience the best you can hope for is a 4* coach, maybe a 4.5*. Remeber to also check the Working with Youngsters attribute.
  10. Also Darío Drudi, he's mid- late-20s at game start but has good stats and will get better, and knowledge of several countries. He left on my game though to become a manager at Barnsley.
  11. I have Berbadillo too, he's great! Also try Roberto Ayala, David Suazo, Janne Wilkman, Heiko Lessig, Petr Ruman, John Vik, Wagner Molina and Orlando Ribeiro. I have 47% total knowledge.
  12. Just bought this guy from Bursaspor for £11m up front plus £4m in add ons. Debut away against Man City, gets an 8.4 and saves an Aguero penalty. Not a bad start
  13. I habe Rajkovic and he's been solid, though I have just bought in a regen who is younger and equally as good, so there might be some rotation now. Dragowski looks great except his Eccentiricity is way too high for my liking. It's good if you want a sweeper keeper, but I like a goalkeeper who won't go all Fabian Barthez on you in an important match.
  14. Under 18s --> Training --> Coaches As for staff, check out my list above!
  15. Just moved Jolley to the first team as his stats have improved and he's now a 4.5* Attacking coach! One down, several more to go
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