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  1. I, as Liverpool, managed to trick Man City to buy Reina. (Napoli never bid the agreed fee, bug or common sense?) Now Reina has an opinion in the media regarding almost anything before almost every game. He's still very active in his new team, so to me this seems very odd. Fine, Carragher and McDermott can clutter my inbox since they are inactive now, that makes perfect sense. But it is very strange when a still active player, from a rival team non the less, makes such comments. Constantly. Sort it out, it's your tactics etc etc
  2. Sweet jesus, when will you guys learn? Reloading only works if you wear a tin foil hat...
  3. I just got a ssd, and I didn't notice any magnificent change in saving/loading.
  4. There have been issues with achievements for years, and neither SI nor Steam seems to care about that.
  5. Unemployed Assman with horrible stats in 2014.
  6. I dont watch the games at all, I blast through them with commentary only.
  7. I alway giggle a bit when I see people take camera pictures of their screens. Ever noticed that print screen button?
  8. I never lose my temper. I might let a dissapointed grunt out att full time of a match etc, but in the end it's just a game.
  9. Seriously, all Ruci asks for is a minimum of a 1 euro donation. If you can't spare some pocket change for a program that you clearly like to use, then you are in no position to ask for alternatives. Ok if Ruci demaned a fortune, but come on! (I still thinks it's bad karma to suddenly demand money for the full features of the program, but on the other hand I dont blame him.)
  10. It does work. Alltho I had to retry twice before I got redirected to the download.
  11. I use FMRTE too, from time to time. I find some comments amusing because some people act like they cant play the game without it. Like a day or two without FMRTE is the end of the world, or something like that.
  12. It's rather amusing to read how some people are totally crippled without FMRTE
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