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  1. Moussa Sissoko please. And thanks to those who have uploaded my requests so far.
  2. Has anyone progressed far enough into the game to see how Adam Campbell develops? A screenshot would be nice.
  3. We've got a new NUFC researcher his year so expect the new guy to take time to settle into his job. Hold your guns! Fwiw some attributes (teamwork/workrate particularly) and his positions could be better represented but as mentioned, that is an issue for the data forums. I think Chris might release an alternative update once the full game is out, so keep your fingers crossed.
  4. Aye, if expanded into a bowl, it would have an estimated capacity of 84,000. Not going to happen because of what you have mentioned though. Found that gif at the Newcastle Online forums. No credit due to me so you can remove the acknowledgment in the OP.
  5. Can see the effort that goes into this about you should perhaps increase the font size. 15 posts reserved for future use must be a record.
  6. How about one of this Wellington Nem that people are talking about?
  7. Tim Krul, Davide Santon and Hatem Ben Arfa please.
  8. Won H2H by one point. Had -9 pts for 3 extra transfers, luckily still good for the win. Helps that the top players in the regular league weren't in H2H too.
  9. When will the official line-ups be out? An hour before the match?
  10. Haha, learnt of it some time back and using it to check for any 'unwanted' changes like players or leagues in any file I download. Btw, any chance of you knowing the answers to my questions in the previous page? Gracias.
  11. For created international competitions, is it possible to get the game to generate host nations for every game edition? For age group international competitions, e.g. I chose a U23 competition, selected the nations I wanted. Problem is, the competition fixtures are generated for the main team e.g. England A instead of England U23. How should I go about getting the U23 teams playing instead? Pardon me if these has been asked before. I just find it a bother to go thru pages of lengthly posts.
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