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  1. where do you put the update on the mac?
  2. thats not much help really looking only for wonderkids like Iker Muniain - Athletic Danny Welbeck - Man Utd Phil Jones - Man Utd Neymar - Santos Jack Rodwell - Man City just some which are well known but how many is their form day 1
  3. hi all i'm looking to find all the wonderkids in fm12 from season 1 can anyone help me. many thanks
  4. has nobody got this file they could upload plz the links dont work many thanks
  5. hi guys could someone upload the 5.2.5 file to somewhere else plz i can't download it many thanks
  6. anyone else get crash dump when they use FMRTE?
  7. anyone got the rar. version keep getting pirated copy
  8. where can it be downloaded from
  9. is there a link so i can download it anywhere
  10. do newgens start to pop up in second season?
  11. could someone do a guide with screen shots on how to do all this, ive looked at clubs on the dates and i cant find anything playing FM2012. many thanks
  12. Hi guys whats the best way to get the best free transfers,what do i have to do? many thanks
  13. what do you scout to find a world class regen (age) 15-21
  14. looking to buy young can anybody list the best young players to get for city just starting season 2