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  1. I was inspired by your post and the old USA WC'98 tactic of the 3-6-1. I've been experimenting with a slightly similar formation with much success. It eventually morphed into a 3-5-2 (FM describes it as a 5-2-1-2).My set-up is DL(D) L(S) DR(D) CWBL(A) DLPML (D) DMCR(D) CWBR(A) AMC(S) AF AF. I average around 60% possession with a variety of goals from many different passing combinations. I am managing PSG. The first season I finished with 110 Points. The 2nd season I had three more draws than the previous campaign but scored 148 goals and won the ECL. Sorry for the formation format
  2. Great tactic. The first game I used this tactic was with no match preparation...surprisingly the team's familiarity was upwards of 80% (early March), and my MUFC team beat Chelsea 8-0. 56 shots, 9 ccc, 53% possession, Avg Rating 8.83. The only thing I didn't do, and it was because I had my Asst. Manager giving opposition instructions, was use opposition instructions...I cleared them. Since then I've corrected that minor difference and my team is in great form: 11 Wins 50 Goals 2 Conceded
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