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  1. I just want to congratulate you guys at SI for the pricing strategy you chose. I've seen so many cases in which they charge you all over again for the iPad version even if you already own the iPhone version, and that always alienates the customers. I'm glad you are not charging us again for the game. I think in the long run its much better to keep your customers happy and loyal instead of trying to make some more money every chance you get. Great job!!
  2. In my game managing a South American club, it is absolutely impossible to attract European players. My club has won everything, wins the world club championship regularly but players from big European nations will not even consider coming, even though the league I play in now has a higher reputation than theirs. I can sign players from Africa and some from smaller nations from Eastern Europe.
  3. Fm11sx

  4. Very glad to see others agree with this idea! Hopefully someone from SI will see it and put it on their "maybe" list for FM12
  5. Would love the "picture in picture" feature. In general I think that everything that makes the game world feel more alive and dynamic and less "spreadsheet" is an improvement.
  6. I've always thought that FM would benefit so much from inserting the results from simultaneous matches into the commentary of your games. We already have the "latest scores" and "goal updates", but I think it would be so much more realistic if for instance you were fighting for the league, and in the last game of the season the commentary referred to how your rivals are doing. For instance, if a direct title rival scored and that meant your team had to score 2 more goals to win the league, it would be pretty cool to see it in the commentary instead of having to imagine it ourselves. Here's hoping it's included in some future version of FM!
  7. I agree with the idea behind this. When making huge achievements, you just get the same old message. Win the League and the board will want you to concentrate on the future. Just feels so anti-climatic.
  8. Player Cam

    Totally agree with you. If the game is called Football Manager, it could certainly have a more realistic view from the dugout.
  9. updates from steam

    Next time you should change the settings so Steam doesn't apply patches automatically. Not sure if there's something you can do by now.
  10. Hopefully better than the way I reacted when the fans were slightly concerned after my dingy south american club managed to draw 3-3 against Lyon.
  11. Arsenal

    I'm playing in 2030 and Arsenal have won the league 6 times, and have not won Champions League. Oh, and Alan Shearer has been their manager for the last 13 years.
  12. Shortest league?

    Chilean league is 17 games. If you finish in the top 8, you go into the playoffs where it's a maximum of another 6 matches if you get into the final. Pretty fun to start your career since you can win some titles with smaller teams and then jump into a bigger team, then into a larger team in Brazil or Argentina and then jump back to Europe.
  13. Certainly doesn't sound right. I've become favorite at other clubs achieving much less than you did.
  14. I understand the appeal of watching a full match, and have done it to improve my tactics, but sadly I don't usually have the time to watch a full match. But I wish I did!
  15. Managed Brazil for 1 game in the group stage of the World Cup after their manager got sacked for losing the first two games. I couldn't qualify for the second round, so I quit after that first match, since I hate managing a club and a national side at the same time, and I was not going to quit my club yet.