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  1. FM18 has as many resolution options as your monitor can display. If you can only see two, that's your hardware, not the game. (Unless you mean some other, bizarre, definition of 'resolution')
  2. You can change the code in the skin itself (I can't remember which files off the top of my head), but there's no way to make the game remember (both work by having all the options but one hidden, and the various buttons change which one is hidden)
  3. The post you grabbed the xml files from says what to do
  4. I've just posted a quick mod to show them on club overview screens, up to now they would only show on match previews
  5. These aren't background images, there's a new attribute for stadium pictures that the FMC skin uses, but the default one doesn't. I don't know how easily they can be adapted into FM skins (sometimes things only work in certain places) but I'm going to be having a try later. Also, I think it's not going to be until teh first patch that club/stadium specific backgrounds are back working. I've got a few packs myself and none of them show up.
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