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  1. FM18 has as many resolution options as your monitor can display. If you can only see two, that's your hardware, not the game. (Unless you mean some other, bizarre, definition of 'resolution')
  2. You can change the code in the skin itself (I can't remember which files off the top of my head), but there's no way to make the game remember (both work by having all the options but one hidden, and the various buttons change which one is hidden)
  3. 19. I got Conte, but cocked up 8, as I misread the position.
  4. No nicking my naming convention though!
  5. Not yet, no: Though the game is now conspiring against me, and keeps crashing when I try to go into holiday mode, so I can test the processing stuff
  6. I've had an idea for the processing screen. I'm playing a bit of FM Touch, to see if it rekindles my interest in playing the game (and therefore speeds up my wanting to finish the game)
  7. Yes. I've definitely got the processing box stuff to do (I've not had any real ideas there yet), not sure after that.
  8. Righto. Sorry about the lack of updates (And more importantly, skin). I am going to finish it, but this is the first time in about 20 years I haven't played (or particularly want to play) FM, which is an odd experience. This has led to my general lethargy at sorting the skin out (i.e. I'm not using it myself and getting annoyed at its unfinishedness), and I've had to recreate some of the graphics again for the 1x version, as I cocked up my psd and lost all the formatting bits for what I'd already done (and having them not match up would have sent me off the deep end). Again, many, many apo
  9. I've been faffing around, building my new pc (which I'm posting from now!) for the past week, and having one of my fallow inspiration periods. I'm going to have a good go at it this week, though
  10. If it's file size, their limit is a bit stingy, the file's not even 6 meg.
  11. They appear to have a size limit. Shame
  12. There's no need really, the club badge is in the contract info box. In the meantime, match things! Imgur is being very, very slow, so I had to upload to tinypic, which means it's resized (and still too big, useless gets)
  13. There's so many things I haven't changed yet (and so many alignment issues I want to fix)
  14. I'm still not overly struck with it, but...
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