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  1. I am managing york city, in my first season i lost the league title on last game of season to fleetwood I got beat at home 2-0 and fleetwood won, we both finished on 101 points and they had 3 goal better goal difference I was gutted lost in playoff semis to ebbsfleet lol. Just finished second season was second behind Cheltenham both on 93 points, I drew at home last game and they lost at Luton away, was buzzing ha
  2. Blue Squre confrence

    I'm playing with York at the moment no money to spend but a good squad. Fleetwood are top then Gateshead And York. Only 2 teams have spent money 30 games in Wrexham 4k and Fleetwood 500 pound ha
  3. Loan Termination

    Cheers nobby. Luckily I put the player in the reserves he then wanted a meeting and it let me terminate his loan after selecting transfer option
  4. I have made a couple of terrible loan signings (season long with no fee) i want to get rid but i cannot find the option to terminate the loan deal?? Can anyone advise? :confused: Thanks