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  1. Ah right I see, I didn't know if you realized. I saw Vietnam only qualifies for the smaller of the AFC cups through winning the league, IRL I know they play in the AFC champions cup as it's on TV here. Hopefully SI sort it out for next year. I am enjoying taking my local team to VFL-2 glory anyway haha
  2. Hi Claassen, Great work on the updates by the way. Just one thing, Xanh Thanh Saigon rage quit the league part way through the season last year as the VFA docked them points for fielding a weakened team. They no longer play in the VFL-1 or any Vietnamese league for that matter. Just thought you should know.
  3. I am using FMC so familiarity isn't an issue. Might try dropping the d-line back see what happens. I also find the enganche is ahead of the shadow striker quite often so am probably going to use a advanced playmaker on a support role. Will give it a bit of a go more waiting for the last update before I start a new long term save so just experimenting with tactics and teams etc.
  4. Just tried this formation with Barca, all that seems to happen is players shoot from too far out. Pretty frustrating and kinda highlights the problems with this ME for me. The lack of real intelligent runs by players in and around the box.
  5. You must be using a different ME to everyone else then. However your blind defence of the game in the face of any and all criticism makes me not believe this statement anyway. I don't see the scrambled corner goals as such a huge deal as most as it's a level playing field and I score my fair share of these types of goals. There are worse problems in the ME imo, crazy OG's from corners being one of them. The amount I see scored for and against me is ridiculous, most unrealistic OG's ever. Players burying towering headers into their own goal after being under zero pressure. I have had the pla
  6. Just played a champions league qualifier. I am Vojvodina Novi Sad was 2-1 up going into the second leg against Plovdiv. They took a very quick 3-0 lead after 26 minutes. I pulled one back in the 47th minute to trail 3-1 at the half 3-4 on aggregate. Started the second half, had no highlights for the first 15 minutes, 60th minute or so I score level it up on aggregate. Then 2 mins later another and then another and another.... Finished a barely believable 8-3 to me. 7 goals in 30 mad minutes. I have all the Eastern European leagues turned on too. First time I have ever comeback from 3 goal
  7. My players have been unhappy with training for 5 years. Morale has pretty much always been 100%.
  8. Pretty sure it maxes out creative freedom for your whole team so they don't keep shape etc and look to attack way more. I could be wrong however.
  9. I realized after posting that I was using 3 at the back and two up-front, but I defo had those issues when I played that tactic.
  10. It happens a lot. I watched Match of the Day the other week and was shocked at how many golden opportunities to score are spurned by players. In fact makes FM seem overly generous in comparison.
  11. Thing is I was quite vocal as to how much I hated this patch thought it was the worst ME ever released as I was suffering the same problems for a long time. I got help from the tactics forum and sat thought what I was trying to achieve and it has so far worked, to the point I think the ME is great.
  12. I play as KR in Iceland. I am the only professional team in the league, I haven't lost a game in 2 domestic seasons in any competition and I have never ever gotten 30 shots in one game against any teams I play and they all park the god damned bus. I would say 20-25 would be top end for me. I regularly win 3-0 to 6-0, I beat one team in the champions league quals 17-1 over two legs. My players also regularly score one on ones and miss them regularly. I often substitute a player who has missed more than two one on ones in one game, I know he just isn't going to score that day. Usually the sub c
  13. I played exactly how you set up in the original tactic. I found the AMC just wasn't effective at all he was effectively passed around and was out of the game. What tended to happen was the two DMC's passed to the widemen who then passed it to the forward. Or he got the ball had no options in front of him due to not much movement from midfield behind him and he passed sideways or backwards to the DMC's. Was a pretty frustrating tactic, was solid in defence however.
  14. Sorry I agree with you 100%. I was trying to imply his problem was more personnel than tactical. You can have a perfectly good tactic but the wrong players to make it work. Hence you will get a lot of narrow defeats. I don't know about you but I find if I pick a formation and style I tend to build the squad towards that, I don't know if this is something the op is doing?
  15. You can play the system he is playing if you have the players to do. I play like that with my KR side, but were so much better than anyone we usually play, so even if we mess up in midfield as discribed we generally get back to cover the mistake. Also playing 2 up front is a dying style but one some managers really like to employ, me included.
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