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  1. I went 15-3 from my first 18 games and then finished on 19-11. There's no way it was just matchmaking, my players forgot their instructions, how to defend, pass the ball and became addicted to hitting the post. Makes you wonder why you bother
  2. 2 icon packs and pulled VDS and Pires. Not doing any more
  3. Ramos for me and my mate got Hazard. That's nearly 2.5m worth of SBC cost for 2 84 squads
  4. Verratti for me, not exactly a win
  5. Was waiting in line from 97 on turnip exchange, gets to 6 then the Island gets deleted. Not many more frustrating things
  6. 11-5 from 8-2 yesterday. Not the worst but I could feel the game coming for me so left it at that for the day
  7. 8-2 so far, doesn't make a difference, i'll still finish 20-10
  8. 4-1 from my first 5. Martinez is a beast up front, 11 goals so far
  9. Di Maria and Thiago Silva and then Martinez from one of the packs. I'll take that
  10. Kamara and the MLS Paraguyan RB hardly worth it except for ultimate tots sbc next week
  11. managed to get onto an island with 530 per turnip. Got me a nice 700k profit
  12. It should definitely be swiss style where you play someone with the same record as you. As it's EA it isn't though
  13. pack code confirms it's a joint CSL/Eredivisie pack
  14. I think there may be something wrong with the game. I play 3 depth and balanced but get messages from people saying how boring that I play dropback 1 depth. Is it just people not knowing what that actually looks like and it's as easy thing to say when someone is able to defend against them?
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