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  1. Hi All! I was using my own tactic with Bolton and managed to promote them to the Championship however I am really struggling in the Championship now. I mean I am favorites to get relegated however I am hoping to get into the Premiership. What knap tactic would you guys recommend for a struggling Championship team looking to over achieve? Many thanks!
  2. I used Piranha home and away. TBH the eagle tactic does not work for me. At first, piranha was not good away from home but once you have the right team and they gel, it is pretty much unstoppable. Some amazing results away from home. I mean I won the Quadruple with Plymouth!!
  3. Right I have to say that Piranha is without doubt the best tactic on here. I started a Plymouth career and got promoted in my first season. Finished 12th in the Premiership then 10th. Then in the fourth season I finished 3rd and won the FA Cup. Just finished my fifth season and won the Quadruple of Premiership, FA Cup, League Cup and Champions League!! I was shocked at the achievements of my team who were predicted to finish 7th in the Premiership and were 100/1 to win the Champions League. This tactic is incredible if you have the right team. Thank you Tyler for making me love this game aga
  4. Err is it just me or is this just filters for the individual positions of GK, Def, Mid and Str? It just lists all the players who can play in each position. Its not a filter or am I just stupid?
  5. Great set of tactics I must admit. I used v4 in my first season at Spurs with no signings and came 2nd. Now I am in my second season and started to struggle so I changed to the new Piranha tactic. My form changed, as I won about 7 games in a row to go up to 5th. Now I am struggling again. Lost to United away 4-1 (played shockingly) and then to Chelsea at home (3-1, my first home defeat in that career in all competitions!). I just don't understand whats happened? I do all the things you set out in your OP. Last season I did the double over United and Chelsea and now I can't beat the big teams
  6. I am doing a Boro career and doing really well with the pre-patch version of this tactic. The only thing that keeps letting me down is my home form. I keep conceding late goals against teams I should easily beat to either draw the game or lose it. What can be done about this? Please help bcos my posts never get replies. TIA.
  7. As I have already said this tactic (v3) is very good and is working for me. So thanks alot. I am now doing an AC Milan career and have an excellent team and squad. I have won the Serie A title 3 seasons in a row by a big margin each time. However, I seem to always lose against the big teams away. At home I have no problem in the league but almost always I lose away to Inter, Roma and Juve. Its not my team talks bcos I am good at them as my assistant says so. What am I doing wrong? Also I have problems in the Champions League. In 4 seasons, I still have not won it and keep being beaten comf
  8. i am in 2010 in my career and all the good target men that have been mentioned are really old now. so what stats do i have to look for if i want a good target man?
  9. Earlier you said change target man aim from head to mixed. How do u change this option? I can not see an option for this anywhere in either team instructions or player instructions. Please help and thanks in advance.
  10. This tactic is brilliant. Just won the EPL in my first season at Arsenal and got to Champions Cup final but lost to Chelsea. But there are two problems: (a) I am conceding alot of goals but scoring alot. This is a problem bcos some teams score against me and then just defend and i cant break them down. Is there anything I can do to stop conceding so many goals? (b) 2nd problem is that my target man Baptista has just joined Valencia and now i need a good target man but dont have much money. Anyone recommend me a good target man at a reasonable price please?
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