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  1. Please help moderator! surely someone can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Cheers, no guest account, and yes enough disk space i'm sure. It has to be something with the game that wont delete. Any ideas?
  3. After having problems with the power supply to my laptop, my fm2013 will not save. Even if i create a new name it says "game cannot be saved" There is one saved game file there from previous and it cannot be deleted. Even from the documents folder. Can't delete it at all. I verified the game already. What else can I do? Cheers in advance.
  4. Both are now refusing but everyone else is contracted up. Proper strange, they just wont sign no matter how good the offer is
  5. Hey looking for some help please. I have a couple players who are wanting a new contract. I offer them what they want and suggest terms but then the agent keeps saying we are far off etc and then storms away. What is going on? Cheers Jay
  6. what about managers mate and biggest signing lol, this should be a laugh!
  7. What about the mighty hibernian fc? managers? cups etc? GREAT THREAD
  8. How do you see what tactic the opponent would struggle the most against?
  9. So basically leave it @ -9 and let the stats develop yeah?
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