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  1. It's not just the goalkeeper. The match rating doesn't seem to account for tactics and player role, and the game has a strange idea what good and bad ratings are. For the first part, the False Nine is a good example. I use him as a lone striker and what I want him to do is to set up chances for my midfielders. If the False Nine isn't actually scoring, or atleast makes one assist, their rating seems to be horrendous though. That doesn't mean *I* think he does a bad job, just that the game does, and that ofcourse affects his morale and makes him play even worse. The game really puts too strong an emphasis on scoring for strikers. How the game itself interprets match ratings is also strange. At the start of a match, everyone starts with 6.8, so one can safely assume that this is considered an average score. Anyone who keeps this rating should have had an ok game, without too many mistakes and not having done anything extraordinarily positive. The game however seems to think this is a low rating, as is evident by the National Duty Match reports. Match ratings of 6.8 and 6.9 generally have the comment "has every reason to be disappointed" or something to that effect. That in turn means that at the start of every match, and usually for the first 10-15 minutes (unless something extraordinary happens) every player on the field has "every reason to be disappointed."
  2. I would like the "PR" symbol to come with more information than "Player is happy/unhappy with Manager's comments." The press conferences often cover several topics, not just the match, and include several questions that pertain to tactics and players. It is impossible to know exactly what ticked off the player as it is now. I just know that he is unhappy, but not whether it's because of a comment I made about a teammate, the match, transfer rumours, etc.
  3. Although the questions and possible answers to the media has improved quite a bit over the last iterations of FM, they are still lacking quite a bit when it comes to context. A good example was a recent game where I was in charge of a team in Norway. We manage to get to the Champions League group stage, where we draw the hardest group of them all. Firstly, with a Norwegian 4th seeded team, I expect to finish last in my group and pretty much use the time in the group as a learning experience for my players. Unfortunately, the press keeps asking about winning the group and the Champions League itself, and there are no answers available that reflect our actual chances. There is the odd question of whether I think a Norwegian team can win the CL, but usually they ask questions as if I was expected to win the whole thing. The above is unfortunately quite common throughout the game. For player interactions, I am firstly missing an option to tell a player that the team has outgrown him and he will be offloaded. I can warn him about being transferlisted, but the reasons for doing so don't have anything to do with him being surpassed by his teammates. So now the only option is to either wait for him to complain about first team football, or directly transferlist him without warning. In general the interactions with players are static options, which don't cover much outside of training, conduct, and form.
  4. When a new player is signed the only suggestions that come up from scouts/directors/assistant are pretty much player wage and squad status. Too many times the player comes up with a completely blank contract suggestion and says "you have to come up with a proposal first." The only items we really know what to fill in then are the above mentioned wage and squad status. Suggesting appearance fees, contract length, and especially loyalty bonus and the agent fee is a complete guesswork. This is especially important for smaller teams with small transfer budgets. There is no way I would even enter into contract discussions with a player I want to sign for free, if I know that he will ask millions in loyaly bonus and agent fees, as these are taken directly out of the transfer budget. Sometimes it's not even possible to sign these players or extend current players' contracts, because they actually request more in fees than I have in my transfer budget, and there is no way of knowing this before entering contract negotiations.
  5. Can anyone explain what the deal with the "extra" compensation fees for youth players is? My scout says a player has a compensation fee of 6M (NOK), which is really on the high end for my club, but he's got very good potential and I need a youth player in that position. So I offer him a contract and we agree on wages etc. When the deal comes through, the compensation is now 6M cash, with an additional 2M for his first International Appearance and 200k(!) Per League Appearance for 40(!) matches!? That's an additional 8M if he becomes a regular, and 10M if he becomes an International. Where did these fees come from, and why aren't they considered by my scout? This is quite detrimental to how I like to recruit new players to the club, as I will have to wait until they sign a contract before I know if they are worth it or not. I tried searching both here and Google, but I couldn't find anything about it
  6. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/444642-Conceding-Goals-to-Crosses It's logged as a bug that is under review.
  7. The cutoff is somewhere around 24-26 iirc, and a bit later for GKs (28ish?). You can however still mould them after this, but you will suffer in other areas. Ie. an increase in Dribbling may take a point off Pace etc. How the game chooses what attribute takes a hit I have no idea. Atleast that's how I understand it.
  8. I usually play with Counter, Normal Speed and very few of my players have a Closing Down PI. I do see more of a decline in the players who do have it though, but the general condition of my players are lower at the end of matches than in FM15. Of that I am pretty sure. Not to question the truth of your statement, but do you have a source for this? Does this mean that since I usually substituted players when they were around 67-69 in FM15 I can now wait until the low 50s? That sounds extreme to me, but if that's the case I'll just have to adapt I notice that he starts bugging me at around 63 for most players, while it was around 70 before. So that has definitely changed.
  9. Does anyone know if Player Condition during matches has been tweaked for FM16? My players seem to tire a lot quicker in this version, and the AI Managers are using players that are down to the low 40% at the end of matches. I know there has been talk in the bugs forum about AI Managers not rotation their teams enough, and they start players that have mid 70% condition. But it also seems that my players are tiring quicker than in FM15. I can't remember having lots of players down to low 60% in FM15 when starting them above about 93%, unless they picked up a knock during the match ofcourse. Now I have a lot, some even approaching mid-to-low 70% by half time. Anyone know if SI has done something to this? Or has there been changes to the training (beyond separating role and attribute in a "new way") that affects player condition? Most of my players are on a "Medium" Training Level, so I don't think it's too hard for them. I've also set training with rest after match, and even with 6 days between matches (Sun-Sun), they are at 95-96% when the next match comes. Will they only get to 100% if I rest them the entire week?
  10. I know it isn't in the coding, which is why I wrote that it just "feels like it" is. I'm pretty sure it isn't excluded from the coding either though 8th league game isn't really in the beginning of the season anymore But yes, I do take care not to overwork my players in training and I know that during pre-season and the first few games you can get more injuries if you push your players too hard. That's not my point. When two players in the same position get injured or suspended in, or around, the same match, then it isn't because they've been playing too much. It's just a freak event...that bugs the heck out of me
  11. That is an interesting approach, and I like the focus on a rounded player. I'll steal that idea from you I am curious though why you won't train them in Roles that focus on the most attributes to get them rounded. Like a DC-BPD will have all the attributes of a DC-CD, but also First Touch, Technique, Composure and Vision. So it may be spread a little "thinner" but they work on more attributes, and the Specific Training can be added to attributes that are low or more desired.
  12. Having played every iteration of FM since 07 I know that injuries and suspensions in FM are "randomly based" on numbers and calculations "under the hood" of the game. Every year however, I always get that sneaking feeling that the game is trying to punish me deliberately. It's seems to always be injuring players in positions that I have less than preferable cover, or injure two players in the same position in the same timeframe. Or it will suspend a player in a position where the cover is already injured or suspended. If I have four players that all can play in one position, there will never be more than one who is unavailable at the same time (in a regular week! See below). Have only two, then both are out of contention right after one another. I know it's "random" but it still irks. I am currently 8 league games into the first season. A short highlighted recap of my injury/suspension history so far looks something like this: Pre-season: My Key Striker breaks his ankle and is expected out for 2-3 months 2nd league game: My 1st team DR and my 1st team DL are both injured in the same match, out for 11 days and 3 weeks respectively 5th league game: My 1st team AML is injured and expected out for 5-8 weeks. The day after, my Hot Prospect AML is injured during a reserves game and expected out for 11 days 6th league game: The day prior my primary DC backup is injured expected out for 8 days. On match day my second DC backup is injured expected out for 8 days. This is when I have a Cup-game with only two days of rest between matches 8th league game: Two days prior my now primary Striker is injured and expected to be out for 3-7 days. During the match my 3rd Striker is injured and expected to be out for 10-13 days. Remember that my primary Striker has already been out since pre-season with a broken ankle. 8th league game: My primary DM gets his 3rd Yellow Card, and doesn't play well so I substitute him. My backup DM is on the field for exactly 9 minutes when he gets sent off for a two-footed tackle. So, for the 9th game of the season, all my Strikers are out of contention. I am playing 4-1-2-3 Wide DM formation so I only use one Striker at a time. Hence I "only" have three of those, but they are all out In addition both my DM's are out due to supensions they got in the same match! Two AMLs are both injured in matches around the 5th league game. Both primary Fullbacks are injured in the same match. I like playing some youngsters to give them valuable game time, but having to use two young Fullbacks at the same time doesn't bring much comfort to this Manager. Both my Backup DCs are injured in or around the same match. No problem in a regular week, but when I only have two days before a Cup match, that means both my primary DCs are going to struggle with fitness for that. Far from ideal. Again, I know this is supposed to be random, but when the game "always" injures or suspends two players in the same position on top of each other, it doesn't feel random anymore. It feels like punishment for doing something right, or just punishment in general And before you all throw yourselves on the keyboard to tell me about the injury history of big teams in all seasons since the early 90's; I don't think I have too many injuries. The most I've had out at the same time are 7, including the Hot Prospect that is playing in my Reserves. Overall since the League started I have continuously had 3-5 injured, but I am OK with that. It is when they all happen to be in the same position at the same time that it gets me Does anyone else have the same feeling, or have a just been unlucky? Perhaps it will even itself out during the season
  13. If I have a strong CD at 1.98m and he has 3 in acceleration and pace (which is what my striker has in positioning) then he can complain all he wants. I still want him to become faster And according to Cleon, what really matters for development is Ambition, Professionalism and Playing Time. So that the player is unhappy doesn't really matter for development. Whether that CD of yours can actually improve beyond an 8, well he will definetely never be a sprinter, but if he is still young then some improvement is expected if it's specifically trained on. Usain Bolt was apparantly 1.96 at the age of 15, and he's quite quick
  14. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/444109-New-Position-Training-Does-Not-Work
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