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  1. 游戏里开档时间只能早于世界杯的现实开赛时间(11.20),虽然开档后世界杯比赛还没开始,但是游戏里世界杯的个人奖项已经提前导入了。
  2. Dear FM developers, I am writing to report a bug in Football Manager 2023 and seek a resolution. After the latest update, I noticed that the game's starting date is limited to November, which is before the actual start of the 2022 Qatar World Cup. Normally, the game allows starting dates before August 2022, but never beyond the real-world start of the World Cup. The issue arises when the game imports individual awards from the real-life Qatar World Cup into the "Awards" section, even though the World Cup champion has not been determined in the game yet. This discrepancy in the game's timeline results in inaccurate awards being present. I hope that this is an unintentional bug, and I kindly request you to add it to your task list for fixing in the next update. If possible, please consider aligning the import of awards with the actual results of the matches in the game. Thank you very much for your patience in reading and addressing this matter. I look forward to your response. Best regards,
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