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  1. 700K IN DEBT!!!!!

    Try to get home friendlies against bigger teams, further reduce the wage budget, temporarily bolster your squad with free loans, etc.
  2. Highest Player Salary?

    At 2028, the highest salary is... me. I get £300k/week. (Could choose between 300 and 600). Highest player wage is £120k for an Arsenal regen. I refuse to pay anyone more than £99k, they don't seem to starve.
  3. It is strange. If anything, it should make them happier, as you're likely to appeal if they get a red card too.
  4. 6&5 Rule

    A real nightmare scenario for world football will be if the EU dont allow it and FIFA install it everywhere else. That would unbalance things further. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> Err, no, it's actually the ideal situation. Quite simply, if the EU blocks it, the idea is dead. FIFA implementing it without UEFA won't happen, especially as UEFA brass are the main cheerleaders for it.
  5. 6&5 Rule

    As the EU won't allow it, thank God, it doesn't really matter how SI would hypothetically implement the rule.
  6. Euro Vase

    That's my point, i.e. it didn't do the above. I'm guessing Stevenage must have got it right.
  7. A small point I guess, but just curious about the mechanics. It's March 15th in the game, and I've been offered entry to the Euro Vase, which I accepted. However, the minimum EPL place I could mathematically fall to is third. Therefore, there is no chance I'll be in contention for it, whether I wanted to or not. So, why does the game offer?
  8. Surely if an advert didn't "distract the eye", it wouldn't be much of an advert...
  9. I disagree. As you've pointed out, the FML price is set. If, for example, the ads were found to be buggy and so removed, the FML price would not increase. As Sega is not selling a raw resource, there is no reason why it couldn't absorb a small income fall without passing on the change to customers. I am aware that the details of FM make it, compared to most games at least, an economically relatively inelastic good; due in large part to high brand loyalty. But my knowledge of your exact business model is rather irrelevant here, and I think you misunderstood my overall point. I don't care if you choose to advertise cars, washing up powder, or short shorts with pink polka-dots. I was merely pointing out that: a) I would not purchase such a product, b) the decisions were obviously far more concrete than had been inferred, and c) to say this will save people money rests on nebulous data, if not downright fantasy. Good day to you, and thank you for the information provided.
  10. Which means one of two things. 1) This "addition" has already been implemented and fixed, making this pussyfooting around with "we'll reveal more" rather sneaky, and this thread rather pointless. We're getting more ads, like it or lump it. 2) The FML (and FM09) prices have been set, but the final decision on adverts hasn't. In which case, I was correct...
  11. Err, no, it won't. It may help Sega's bottom line, but the subscription price won't change one iota.
  12. What was so good about FM07?

    For me, 07 is the best FM so far. Hard to explain why, just felt "right".
  13. Yeah, much as Daniel Craig in Casino Royale driving a Mondeo really added to the movie. Perhaps actually making the game better and selling more copies would be the preferable route. Ads on TV -> Sky+/PVR Ads on internet -> Adblock Plus Ads on FM -> mod to remove them
  14. Who's got the biggest stadium?

    In my current game, my board wont get their lazy rears over 61k, as Essex planning permission has suddenly got super-tight and over half a billion in the bank isn't enough for a new one. *sigh* Anyway, the largest I've seen in a previous game was ManU and Juventus, who both got to 125k. Strangely, I was still a much richer club at BVB with only 80k.
  15. Saivet

    To be fair, a wonderkid could reasonably expect £50k minimum by 20, so signing a long contract for £39k isn't as awesome as it sounds.