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  1. The Official FMRTE 2010 Thread

    I just downloaded the latest version of FMRTE to go with the new patch, and I'm having a major problem with it. None of the drop down tabs are working, meaning that I can't select the FM version when I click Load Game, and I can't change anything in the options. Is there something else I need to install or is this a bug of some kind. Thanks to anyone who can help.
  2. worst signing in fm 09 so far!!!

    My worst ever signing was on Football Manager 2007. I was Celtic, and in January was offered Ronaldo by Real Madrid for I believe something like a couple of million which I thought was an absolute bargain considering he was still half decent. I got him on an 18 month deal, and then things went wrong. He was injured on his debut, and was out for the rest of the season. He came back in time for the new season, played a couple of games and scored 2 goals, then was injured again and out for the rest of the season. He wouldn't sign a new deal so I lost him at the end of the season after only a couple of first team appearances. If I could go back I'd never have signed him.
  3. Strangely enough, I've been seeing that happen on my latest save game a lot recently. Rangers bought a player Hibernian had signed the previous season, David a portugese winger, only to sell him to Falkirk for the exact same amount they bought him for a few days later. They also signed John Paul Kissock on a free transfer, only to sell him a few days later to Dundee United. So I think based upon this it is possible to sell a player straight after you bought him if there is interest, possibly even making back the money you paid or making a profit, but it depends on who it is, and indeed how interested other clubs are.
  4. Funny Screenshots Thread

    What are the chances of a Ghana national player with the same name (and position) as an Italian Chelsea legend signing for their fierce rivals Arsenal. He does have Italian as a second nationality as well, and his PA's pretty high so he's potentially as good as he was, so I snapped him up the second I saw him.
  5. Are FM08 updates still being made?

    I would quite like an 08 update too, since I still haven't gotten into 09 yet and I still enjoy playing 08 more.
  6. Boosting Finances

    For last year's Football Manager game, someone produced a database that gave a cash injection to all English, SPL and Welsh Premier League sides. This was done I believe with an EDT file that boosted the figures, as looking at that database from last year it has a file called BOOSTER.EDT that contains the updated figures. Now looking at that file, it has three different figures which I think represent Balance, Reputation and Stadium Capacity (or expansion cap, I'm not sure which). I'd like to possibly produce a file like this for Football Manager 2009, but I had a quick question: I only want to boost the Balances and not the rep and stadium cap/expansion, so if I wanted to do this, do I just need to include the one figure for each team in the file, or do I have to include all of the figures if i want the file to work correctly (i.e. do I still need to include the rep and stadium figures even if I don't want to boost them for the file to work correctly). Also, if this file hasn't been produced for 2009 yet, would anyone like me to post it here when I'm finished. Thanks
  7. I was wondering, which leagues in the game have no limits or restrictions on players. By this I mean leagues that don't require work permits for players, that don't force you to play a certain number of under 21 players or a set number of players from that nation. I know that Holland is one league that doesn't have these restrictions, but what other leagues don't have any of these in place. Thanks
  8. Problem Editing Relationship Between Clubs

    Ah, that would explain it, as they are both the favourites for the league. I didn't think that being rivals for the league title would come into it, but it would make sense.
  9. I've edited the relationship between two of the clubs in the database who are known rivals, removing their rivalry. However, despite removing this relationship from both clubs, when I do a scout report on one of their players I still get a message saying that the club "are unlikely to want to sell due to rivalry between the two clubs". Is this a bug or is there something I'm doing wrong here. Let me know. Thanks
  10. Aberdeen

    Being an Aberdeen fan I can help. I've actually found a few obscure players you should have a look at who may be useful (although it will take a few seasons and a couple of million to sign them) Stefan Ishiaki- Plays in Sweden. I signed him for 900K and he was a creative force in midfield, plus can take a great free kick. Was voted signing of the season. Antonio Hidalgo- Another amazing central midfielder, playing in the Spanish second division. He can setup goals and is a very consistent performer. Mads Junker- Big Danish striker playing in Holland. He's a great target man and scored 30+ in his first season for me Tim Krul- Sign him on loan, he's a top class goalkeeper who kept many a clean sheet for me Also there are lots of great bargains in Holland and Scandanavia. Get a good scout and send them there, and you will see a lot of great young talent and cheap players who can excel in the SPL.
  11. need an EU target man

    An expensive option, but get Johan Elmander from Toulouse. I signed him as a target man for Lille and he tore the league apart, well worth the amount you have to pay for him.
  12. Ok, I finished my first season as Lille. Sold off a lot of players I felt were no use to further increase my transfer budget, and bought Lloris, Van Der Vaart, Elmander, Augusto and Kleber. We won the league with only three defeats all season (two after we secured the league), and we also won the French Cup, but lost the Coupe De Ligue to Lyon. The only problem now is that many of my top players are wanted by big clubs, and want to leave. I've had to sell Van Der Vaart to Liverpool (got £21 million for him) and Augusto had a £13.75 million offer accepted for him by the board. This would usually be OK, as i could buy a strong replacement, but the real problem is despite winning the league we still can't attract top players, and the top players we could sign are all being signed up by other clubs. It's extremely frustrating. Still, so far I've got Cavilleri and Valencia signed up, and missed out on Alfonso Alves to West Ham (and L Diarra to Man City).
  13. It looks like I'm in top form this season. Hopefully this form will finally see me get a transfer to a half decent club (and not one that's constantly in and out of the top division). Still, it's great to be in form and winning this season.
  14. Apologies for not posting sooner, I've been very busy. I still want to be in the league, so don't drop me. I'm very pleased with how I'm doing: a regular for Northern Ireland and two second places (despite a relegation). I wish that someone would come and sign me already: I don't want to play in the Championship forever.
  15. Sorry that I'm more than a little late in replying to this thread. Anyway, it's great to see my players value has increased to near 2M, even if Ipswich have only got me in the reserves. And 2nd place last year, excellent. Hopefully this year will only see a further improvement.