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  1. Hey guys! where is the download in steam? Im signed in and have subscribed but cant see a down load button? can anyone download it elsewhere?
  2. Hey EdL thanks for the reply but it still wont work on my editor! problem is whem you click on DOB you cant scroll down to a later date! i'll post it on bugs!
  3. Hey guys! is it possible to change a players age? I have a player who is 28 and want to make him say 22? But when you click on DOB you cant seem to go later than the year he was born.
  4. Hey guys! have decided to have a little return to fm 2013 but have realised that i have deleated all the tactics i downloaded for it. wher can i find the 2013 tactics on the forum? also was fm2013 when you had to have 5 across the back to make it work? thanks for any help!
  5. Hey guys! just having a blast from the past and started playing fm2010! before you say 'WHY?' just because i am! anyway i remember playing an unbeatable tactic on 2010 and think it was something like 4-1-2-3? maybe by Mrhough? can anyone remember that tac or any other good tactic? also i forgot that was the season Newcastle were in the championship!! wow!! cheers and feel free to move if in wrong section!!!
  6. ady! how do you play the game? Full match? key? commentary only? oh and at what speed! i get some strange results by messing about with how you view!
  7. Hey Garath! Just interested in how you play the game? Do you watch full match or key highlights? And at what speed do you watch it? Many thanks steve....
  8. how is everyone playing the game? i.e are you watching full game in 3d or just commentary; and at what speed? thanks anyone!!
  9. hey guys! im trying to download this tactic but eveytime i try to import it into the game it say 'cannot import this file'! anyone had this or know what im doing wrong? im playing the basic version of the game! thanks...
  10. hugs! how do you watch your games? i.e full, highlights, goals? and at what speed? many thanks.
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