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  1. I don't know if this is a bug or just something I am doing wrong. But when I create new players ie me and my brother ingame, I put us aged 24-26 years old and create an elaborate playing history including apps, goals, fees, loans etc. Now ingame I have just played my first game and got a news piece stating that we had made our first ever starts as professionals. In our biographies it describes it all perfect (116 appearances and 17 goals for Barnsley etc) yet in Barnsleys first game of the season it ignores all that and lists them as making their debuts. Any ideas? Cheers Here are 2 pics that show what I mean. http://i201.photobucket.com/albums/aa59/Goldey147/Debut.jpg http://i201.photobucket.com/albums/aa59/Goldey147/Onform.jpg
  2. Its probably been mentioned somewhere else, but i would like to have the option to talk to a player about sending him on a short-term loan to gain match fitness, eg: Sending a good striker who has just come back from a long term injury to a lower league club to get going again. Dunno about others but i find it impossibke to convince older players to go out on loan because they dont see a benefit, well this would at least be an attempt to convince them of the benefit.
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