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  1. Where do I post screenshots of outstanding newgens? Isn´t there a forum for this? Cheers
  2. Hi, Can I somehow remove the small little window that pops up every time I scroll/hover over a word/certain area? Maybe it´s OCD but it´s driving me nuts. Cheers. jc
  3. The color of the ball in the FA Cup games has to be one of the all-time most stupidiest things ever. Doesn´t matter what it´s like for real.
  4. Coentrao, that's excellent! Cheers for that mate!
  5. I love the skin very much. What annoys me the most about it is that you always return to the player profile page when you have browsed a player's different "categories". So if you're checking a player's contract status, attributes, transfer info etc you're left with at least 6 clicks just to get to the squad page... I would have liked it to return to the player profile page when clicking the "back arrow" and then directly returning to the squad page when clicking the arrow again. Anyone experiencing the same problem?
  6. I think there could be an option under Player Search to exclude your old club´s scouting reports. Say I´m Southport and take charge at Dortmund. I go to Player Search and sort by my scouts "star ratings". I get a lot of 4-5-6-7 stars but those are compared to my old Southport team and not my new Borussia Dortmund. So, maybe there should be a way either to filter them or to delete them all together with a simple click of a button.
  7. What would be the difference between running FM on 64bit comapred to 32bit except that it would be faster or is that the only advantage?
  8. I know that people are asking for a serious change of the training schedules and that there might be changes (someone wrote that) for FM11. I think it would benefit the player, I mean you and me, if we could get constant feedback on how the players are progressing. Very rarely does the assistant manager come to me and say that a player has shown improvement because of first-team football, or is ready for more first-team action and when I check the reports no one never has anything useful to say. It has probably been suggested before but it would be nice to hear more often how players are doing. Eg. I want to know when I train an 18-year-old too hard because I hand him too many games and he´s getting tired. I want to know BEFORE his attributes begin to fall. Especially if my coaches are world class. That´s just an example.. Also, to add to the interaction between media, players and managers, it would be nice to be able to praise a player for different things. Not only when playing well or "below-par", but perhaps when signing a new contract, when rejecting a club because of his loyalty, etc, etc.
  9. How about being able to set the priority of scout reports. Say I am scouting 30 players with the same scout but need a few of them quickly. Right click player ->scout report ->priority ->low/medium(none)/high
  10. One thing that I believe is missing is a reason for a player wanting a move away. Currently I haven´t seen a player who wants to move clubs because he thinks the league he plays in isn´t big enough. I mean he could switch from one club to another club because it is bigger, but how about a player wanting a move away from let´s say Borussia Dortmund to either Spain or England (eg. (could be away from any league with 3rd or 4th place reputation or lower) because he wants to player in one of the biggest leagues. Not saying Germany is a poor league, it´s probably better than Italy soon (if not already!). Hope suggestion it´s understandable..
  11. I don´t really know how it works to be honest, but if a staff member retires from his employer before his contract ends, shouldn´t the club in question be compensated somehow. Maybe this is something that can be introduced in future versions, if correct. Not the highest priority of course...
  12. Has probably been on the list before, but for future versions it would be nice to see players (high-profile?) demand (internal or external) new signings to improve the squad. This could unsettle players if you fail to bring in new players or upper their morale if you succeed. If you do manage to get in new high-profile players players could try and perform better in training and during matches in order to keep their place in the team. This might actually already be in the game but not as far as I know.
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