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  1. Where do I post screenshots of outstanding newgens? Isn´t there a forum for this? Cheers
  2. Hi, Can I somehow remove the small little window that pops up every time I scroll/hover over a word/certain area? Maybe it´s OCD but it´s driving me nuts. Cheers. jc
  3. The color of the ball in the FA Cup games has to be one of the all-time most stupidiest things ever. Doesn´t matter what it´s like for real.
  4. I had a trequarista in my save in the BSN, English 6th tier I think, and he scored 35 goals in 37 games, 22 assists and had a 7.91 average rating with 12 MOM awards and this was in the league only so I think it can work at this level too although you might want to have players around him doing more work than they would usually do.
  5. It looks like an improvement and more realistic to me as well although I would have preffered some kind of feedback on <i>why</i> progress has stalled. The full-time issue makes the LLM a bit tougher I guess and might take longer time to achieve your goals but I'm all for it. Cheers!
  6. Yeah it's in their training reports but still they're happy/pleased/content with the training. I'm wondering what it means. Whether at this level he is unlikely to improve beyond his current ability or whether it means that he will never reach his potential if you stick to this training regime, at this level, etc? Thing is I don't see much improvement attributes-wise inthe team despite improving the coach set-up, gaining promotion, signing players with an ok potential so that the progress has stalled must have something to do with it. Could be that they're on part-time contracts, of course.
  7. Another question which might (or might not) be related to my problem is the state my players are in. Their condition can go down to 40-50% at the end of a match, which I haven't experienced in previous versions either. Am I training them too hard (all currently on medium)? Do they have poor condition because they are all part-timers and can't train much? I am playing with a stand-off pressing mentality and only one player has run from deep often. I have, taking into consideration club stature (BSP), a fairly good coaching set-up (3 stars on both fitness and strength). Also, what about most of my players wanting a new challenge. I have searched the forums for an answer to this but haven't find any "confirmations" as to what it means. So what does it mean? Am I supposed to be worried that my players will want to part with the club soon? I am trying to adjust their training schedules a bit but that doesn't seem to work. I read some praising them in the media and offering them new contracts. Haven't tried that so far. Any suggestions or anyone with experience as what to do?
  8. Guys, sorry. Yeah I'm managing Altrincham, not Accrington! I did however now hover the cursor over the "Turn professional" option and it said I couldn't afford to turn pro. Problem solved! Cheers!
  9. Hi, I'm managing Accrington (2nd season, BSP having started in BSN/S). I'm looking to trying to make/ask the club turn professional. The option is greyed out however and I can't offer anyone FT-contracts. I haven't had this problem in earlier version of the game with other LLM teams (Telford, Nuneaton, etc). Has there been an update as to who can turn pro and who can't for this year's edition? Will Accrington never be able to turn pro no matter what? Some players are asking for a non-contract and won't accept a part-time contract. What's up with this? Haven't experienced this one either. Is this related to the previous? Cheers guys!
  10. Agree. I've been visiting this thread some 30-40 times since Thursday! Telling from the screenshots it sure looks great.
  11. Coentrao, that's excellent! Cheers for that mate!
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