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  1. Is there a problem with the Scottish league cup? It doesn't show for me when I'm Hearts seems like I'm not in it. My board don't have it on my confidence bar and It's not down as a competition I'm entering.
  2. My last day of 2 weeks on annual leave and no patch nooooooooooooooooooo!!!. Tried a few games as a LLM put problems with rep as I made my way up really curbed my enthusiasm some of the problems with the Match engine can be countered and aren't really game breaking annoying yes but I can always have a laugh at it but losing 3/4 of my best players every close season to teams in the Skrill North/South when I'm in league 2 is too much.
  3. Sitting in 19th position in November crept into the play offs and won the final in May! Great start by Vauxhall Despite having the lowest wage budget in the league might I add! Looking like a massive effort is required to try and build a squad to compete in the Skrill Prem especially after several transfer targets chose lower leagues and other clubs with human managers having wage budgets a few thousand better. Great Save so far
  4. First season finished last night and I ended up in 5th place if we didn't have the 15 point deduction I'd have came 2nd 5 behind Celtic so quite chuffed with how things went. Board have given me 0 to spent but i've got 14k free in my wage budget so a fair few loanees and frees will be needed.
  5. I made sure the game had no summer transfer window and made every youngster worth keeping unavailable for loan so the guys that went out were needing the game time. Sitting 7th on March the first and looking like sneaking into the top 6 Ins were John Pantsil on a free on feb 1st when the embargo ended and Kane Ferdinand from Peterboro on loan. Both were desperately needed given that I'd sold McGowan and Stevenson in Jan for moaning about everything they could. Lost in the league cup away to Inverness and have Dundee Utd in the scottish cup quarters to come. Hibs crashed out of the scottish cup on pens to Raith Rovers Ive mostly played a 4-4-2 but had to drop the C/Ms into D/M to try and tighten the defense up and re-trained Robinson, Tapping and McGowan to play in there. I also decided to re-train Jason Holt as a Trequartista in the C/F position and used him alongside Paterson who has scored 22 league goals as an advanced forward with Holt on about 12 assists for him. Club came out of admin end of October and my balance is 250k in the red projected 100k in the black so hopefully I will have some sort of budget to work with next season. I'll need some cash as I struggled to tie down the guys who's contracts were ending with MacDonald and Walker both leaving for Burnley but luckily I sorted Wilson Paterson and Holt on long term deals. Seen a few of yous have used Carrick but he was hopeless in pre-season for me so I've played Oliver a fair bit and hes turning out pretty awesome and has Newcastle and QPR chasing him after 11 league goals from the bench. Anyway I've waffled here but well done to Brettney good thread.
  6. You will be able to download from your library when it goes live likely tomorrow.
  7. Hearts for me, the club I support but also an excellent challenge! 15 point deduction thread bare squad with only 3 players over 21 and a transfer embargo for the season The joys of being a jambo. Keeping the club up and helping them get out of admin then re-building to have a crack at the title should be fun.
  8. I've been in the same boat all day! I usually play online but I'm off work for a couple of days so had plans to get a single player going but have been staring at the laptop for 2/3 hours unsure where to start.
  9. EUC Best clan game around Martinez in our game is a top top striker and as players of that calibre are getting snapped up left right and centre it's important to make sure you have one and more importantly your mate doesn't!
  10. Season 15/16 Review. Debut season in the clan for myself and it turned out to be a pretty hard introduction. The season highlight has to be the league cup run which included a 10 man penalty triumph at St Johnstone and a shock 3-1 defeat of Celtic at Ochilview. Eventually Motherwell got the better of us in the Q/Fs. League form was pretty patchy with a few heavy defeats suffered but overall a 3rd place finish and play off semi final defeat kept the board happy enough. Got a few decent players tied up for a 2nd crack at div 3. Centre Mids Danny Thomson and Gareth Owens are sure to be key players again. Season 16/17 Review. After play off disappointment last season the title had to be the aim this season but a dreadful start to the season put us in a battle at the wrong end of the league! Early exists in all the cup competitions didn't go down very well with the board but getting a few decent players in on loan and a change of formation saw the Warriors pick up in the second part of the year and when Clyde and East Stirling both hit poor form at the same time the title looked a possibility. Injuries to key players including striker John Gemmell led to goals drying up and a heavy drinking session for the Edinburgh derby letting the Assistant manager take the reins caused us to drop down a couple to 4th position where we faced 2nd Division Airdrie in the play off. A 1-0 defeat couldn't be turned around at home and we crashed out at the semi final stage for the 2nd year running.
  11. Can someone give me a quick explanation on how the ca/pa work. I've never really took much notice of it but what is the -8 -9 actually mean and if it's a fixed PA I take it they can't go any better than that but can they not reach the potential or is it a given?
  12. Carlos Fierro might be worth a punt he's pretty young so maybe need an extra year before he'l bang them in.
  13. Callum Paterson at Hearts looks decent.
  14. Once the game comes out proper i'm def going to start a div3 game try to stop rangers or at least match their promotions. Should be a decent challenge no quite sure who to go but leaning towards Peterhead.
  15. I've had the beta since it came out and still haven't picked a team! Tried a couple of games but ended up resigning and just clicking on to see who signed who. I'm not sure if it's my motivation or what but I can't seem to get into it. Every team I almost decide on has something to put me off!
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