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  1. Wouldn't you only get 93 points after 31 games though?
  2. Yes mate, I did notice a slight change, maybe not as prolific going forwards. I'm starting another save now just to check that it wasn't a fluke!
  3. I've tried it, and I have to say that it worked very well for me. Really nice football, high possession, loads of chances and tight at the back. Used it for 2/3rds of the season only lost 4 matches, but two of those were 1st leg defeats that I easily turned around in the return home fixture. My team is good, but by know means the best, and I won the premier league and the champions league, mainly using the 4231 as it suited the players I have. Good work fella!
  4. The download link doesn't seem to be working anymore. I just get the following message - The link to this file has expired. Contact the sender to resend the file.
  5. I've been managing Ipswich, and I have to say it's been very realistic. I'm in the relegation zone, just like in real life!
  6. This is the best tactic I've used on 09 by miles. I'm Darlington in 2014, top of the prem (We were taken over by a tycoon, I've spent about £200m in five years!) and playing some great football. I have noticed that the forwards don't seem to score very often, and I too have problems against Man City. Still unbeaten in the league in Jan, so I just want to say thanks. I can enjoy the game again!
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