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  1. jayatsena

    Seria A Failed

    I play in Serie A and I don't see such problem, can you describe your player role and duty?
  2. Have anyone mention about the director of football incompetency? I always use them to make a same playing field with AI, unfortunately this year it seems worse than the fm 13 version in term of buying players. They seem can't do a proper negotiations. I hope it will be fixed in the next patch.
  3. Because there's no captious wife nor puckish childs in the manager world..
  4. I also just get this in my game, and the strangest thing is the offside decision since there's no offside from throw in.
  5. I agree with Barside, the main think that should be improved is the time frame of negotiations
  6. Since the new ME nerf down attacking move, I think board promises of playing attacking football have to be change also. Is it based on shoot on goal?
  7. The ME updates is the best for FM series. There's a few glitch like GK bug, but overall it's feel like being a real manager. I hope SI team can make the little bug fixes first before go full speed to do FM2014 ME. That's why we have the constructive discussion right?
  8. jayatsena

    Do players get taller?

    I don't know about the growing thing but for jumping attribute, one of SI member had told that it incorporate the height into it and height and weight is only for cosmetic things.
  9. jayatsena

    Deleting a Player

    I have tried to delete players, but after I done that the unique ID of players seem to mess up. Is it just me or anybody else experience it?
  10. Thanks for the database, I will try it.
  11. jayatsena

    SPORTS.tv presents: Top2Bottom (FM11)

    Kuda Laut Gemilang Chairman Interview Q: Mr. Jayatsena, what happens to the team, it is already two defeats in two games? A: It's a hard league to compete, but we will be fighting back. Q: What do you think the fans will think about those defeats? A: I hope they will understand it. First game is a hard away match, and in the second game, there is no good on early red card. Q: Do you still want to keep Roy as your manager? A: I have to contact Mr. GCB, the commissioner of the league, to know if there any mechanism to change the manager. And since today is the Eid Mubarak day, I think I will forgive him and give him another chance. Please send my warmest gratitude and Happy Eid Mubarak to all managers on the league.
  12. jayatsena

    SPORTS.tv presents: Top2Bottom (FM11)

    Kuda Laut Gemilang draft: Michael Johnson
  13. jayatsena

    SPORTS.tv presents: Top2Bottom (FM11)

    Kuda Laut Gemilang Chairman Interview Q: Mr. Jayatsena, how do you think about the fist game? A: Every first thing will be the tough one, expect nothing but better performance from our team in the next match. Q: Your side has the upper hand today... A: Yes, that's football. It's different from math. Q: Are you satisfied with the performance of your current squad? A: There is still room for improvement especially up front. I'll talk to Mr. Hodgson to make sure he use all the money invested here.
  14. What a great feature to manage everywhere you want. But I hope the match engine in the video is still not finished yet because I don't see any crossing-heading goal except 1 from indirect free kick.
  15. jayatsena

    Football from 2000 in FM11

    ah, sorry it's my mistake...