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  1. Man Utd: Rashford/ M Greenwood Angel Gomez C. Gribbin T. Chong Puigmal J Garner Dalot Tuanzabe L O'Conner E Laird L Bejger
  2. Intro: for everyone who wants a team of englishmen around 20 (+2 for GK's) gk: Butland, J. Pickford, S. Johnston, B. Garrat rb: C. Chambers, S. Byram cb: J. Stones, E. Dier lb: C. Taylor, J. Robinson rm: A. Oxalade-Chamberlain cm: N.Powell, J.Vela, J. Ralls, W. Hughes, J. Ward-Prowse, H. Reed, N. Chalobah, L. Baker lm: J. Obita amr: N. Redmond am: R. Barkley, aml: R. Sterling, J. Murphy st: H. Kane, S. Berahino, C. Woodrow, Z. Clough 19 gk: C. Walton, M. Beeney, L. McGee rb: J. Webb, L. Chambers cb: B. Galloway, J. McCarthy, J. Hanson, N. Sid, D. Conroy lb: L. Shaw, M. Targett, A. Smith-Brown, B. Davies cm: J. Brownhill, D. Alli, R. Loftus-Cheek, J. Heskett, A. Kuhl amr: J. Ibe, J. Grealish, J. Stacey am: K. Dempsey aml: R. Aarons, D. Gray, T. Fossu st: J. Wilson, C. Akpom, S. Gallager, R. Seager, I. Toney, M. Charlton 18 gk: D. Henderson, F. Woodman rb: J. Bree, J. Kenny, R. Nyambe, M. Egbo, T. Warren wbr: D. Lewis cb: J. Gomez, R. Oxford, B. Chillwel, E. Suliman, T.Chalobah, R. Burke, T. Adarabioyo, M. Clarke, M. Holgate, C. Hupfhreys, C. Carter-Vickers (USA), R-S Williams lb: J. da Silva, K. Walker-Peters, R. Henry dm: J. Rossiter rm: P. Roberts, W. Tomlinson cm: T. Bishop, L. Cook, A. Maintland-Niles, A. Dozzell, S. Ojo, D. Crowley, R. Ledson, C. Slattery, H. Choudhury, L. Walsh, K. Dowell lm: amr: R. Kent, C. Adams, H. Chapman am: C. Gribbin, M. Edwards, M. Rashford, J. Onomah, F. Onyedinma, G. Cooper, J Powell aml: B. Barker, A. Green, J. Sims, D. Mitchell st: R. Hepburn-Murphy, I. Brown, J. Sinclair, A. Amstrong, D. Solanke, K. Sterling Would be interesting to see how this players developed through the years!
  3. When i hear about 4-4-2 I always think of this:
  4. GK: Johnstone, L. Nicholls, Butland, C. Walton RB: Flanagan, C. Chambers, M. Egbo, J. Kenny, CB: Caulkner, E. Dier, J. Stones, L. Moore, J. Gomez, J. Lascelles, B. Cargill, L. Jones, C. Carter-Vikers, M. Clarke, E Suliman LB: M. Target, K. Walkers-Peters, J. McCarthy, DM: D. Poyet CM: JWP, N. Chalobah, H. Reed, L. Cook, L. Baker, R. Ledson, A. Maintland-Niles, B. Pearson, J. Rothwell J. Brownhill, T. Bishop, L. Reed, J. Rossiter, S. Ojo, D. Crawley, A. Kuhl RW: Ox, N. Redmond, P.Roberts, J. Ibe, Jakob Murphy, C. Mahonney, H. Chapman AM:R. Barkley, R. Morrison, G. Green, R.Kent, M. Rashford, J. Hesket, J. Stacey, LW: R. Aarons, B. Barker, Josh Murphy, J. Sims, T. Fosu ST: Z. Clough, I. Brown, C. Woodrow, S. Gallagher, R. Seager, J. Sinclair, C. Robinson, H. Cardwell,
  5. Missing transfers: leroy fer - everton deals for Llorente -signed for juventus; lampard diego lugano - loan to malaga
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